Sunday, January 18, 2009


Every year between Christmas and New Year, Cowell has a Pyrotechnics Display. Apparantly it's the biggest in the state (outside of Adelaide)................We go most years. Tyla loved it and Halle couldn't care less............LOL!! I decided this year (because I got a new tripod for Christmas - thanks Father Christmas xxx) I would try taking some pics of them. Spent a few nights trawling the internet for advice and tips - found some pretty good photography blogs too.........when I get organised I will link them!
Anyway, here are some of the pics - I took over 100!! The joy of digital.................But don't panic, not posting that many here...............close tho!! LOL! I am happy with the way these turned out - no major editing - cropping and some adjustments to contrast and colour. Will do better next year with my NEW CAMERA!!!
New Years Eve was a bit quiet - we went to the local pub - with about 50 others - it was rockin'! (insert rolling eyes here)! Anyway, by about 11 o'clock I'd had about 2 drinks and was ready to go home (yes......I know, must be getting old)and my brother decided to buy a bottle of Sambucca. I'm sure he did it just to get me, cos that was the end of my quiet night! Love the stuff! Ended up getting to bed about 4am. Woke up with a big headache (surprisingly! LOL) and had a busy day cos of the Sports Day every year at Arno Bay. Thank goodness I wasn't part of the committee this year, so only had to help out a little bit.
The Sports Day was great - lots of people this year (bad year on the farm = people holidaying locally) and it is always a fun day. Weather was good altho a bit windy - nothing new there. Tyla had lots of fun - if you live anywhere in that area, I would recommend the day - it's great. Here's a link to the local government so u can check out the area.........
The next day Friday 2nd was my mum's birthday - the big 6-0 this year! And she looks awesome for 60, I hope I am blesssed with her good genes! I went to Port Lincoln to pick up my Nan -she is nearly 93. While I was there I thought I would price a camera............mmmm............yep, I priced it! And bought it! LOL. I am now the very proud owner of a brand spanking new DSLR - Canon EOS 450D - got the twin lens kit. Have read the manual cover to cover and am now playing and experimenting - trying to use the manual settings. Already have a list of accessories that I want - least of all lens hoods and filters - a bit annoyed that lenshoods don't come standard. I also would like a Faster day. So far I am very happy with it - love the DOF control. These aren't all taken with the newby. Can you guess which ones are?Got some more interesting and exciting news for you - but I'm going to leave that until another post! Haha, keep you all wondering! One way to get you to come back for a visit!
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:) Tiff said...

hmnmm. you are either going back to work, you are pregnant or you and Pete have bought a house.
did I get any right.
great camera purchase. Have wondered about hoods. dont know too much about them tho.
whats DOF control????


Lisa said...

LOL Tiff! None of those are right! I've always used lenshoods - great for cutting glare and reflection. Helps protect the lens too. DOF = Depth of Field (sorry me being lazy and not wanting to type it all)!

Ali said...

wow those fireworks pix are awesome!! love them!! and whoop for the new camera!


Miss cath said...

Love those fireworks pics - gorgeous!

Can't wait to see what else you come up with sith your new camera

ScrapManda said...

Fabulous photography Lisa! Fireworks ones are super but really love the swing/sandy feet one! Can't wait to see some of them scrapped!

The Blog Hoppers said...

welcome to *ON THE HOP* Lisa
we luv your blog and will be back often to see what you have been up to
xx the blog hoppers xx

P.S. Luv the photos, esp the Ford one LOL gave me flashbacks to my old XC

Miriam's Blog said...

I am with ScrapManda i love the photo with the sandy feet on the swing, just gorgeous!

Your fireworks photos were really great too!


lyn said...

hi hun,
how awesome are those photos, i'm with the girls on this one too, love the sandy feet one. too cute.
thanks for dropping by my blog sweet, i have linked you to my blog too :)
belynda xx

maryanne r said...

hi lisa,awesome pics, very envious of your new purchase.where did you get it in linc? you seem to have the new camera mastered already.
tried to email you, but your inbox must be full.will try again later

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Aww you lucky duck getting the new camera.. I love the fire works photo's and the kids on the beach are too cute xx

:) Tiff said...


CreativeMe68 said...

WOW those photos are so wicked! And your camera must be a really good one, it takes such lovely photos.

I just wanted to let you know that I have left a lil something for you on my blog. Luv Shaz xoxo

:) Tiff said...

hi chooken.
everything ok??
u r very quiet.
just checking in on ya.

chrisw said...

Wow awesome them all!

sandra said...

no offence Lisa
but I am getting @#&*!en sick of these firework pictures!!
hope all is well

miasmummy said...

Hey Lisa, where are you??? Hope you are ok!! xx