Friday, July 18, 2008

Layouts for Di

These are 2 LO's that I have completed for a Cyber Friend from the Scrapbooking Memories Forum. The pics are her gorgeous little boy Zac.
Yes, I have used the same overlay that I made for the pic of Halle. Quite happy with this one, didn't really have any Boy PP's, so went thru my stash of Freebies from SM Mag, and found 4 different papers that went quite nicely together.
Not real happy with this one, but it's the first page I completed after not scrapping at all for about a year, so has helped me get back into it. Hopefully Di will be happy with them.
Have Netball again tomorrow - umpire then play, hopefully we will perform better than last week. Then get in the car and drive for 1.5 hours to go to the beach for a few days. Won't be all rest and relaxation tho, making a start on putting the new oven in our house. Will catch up with Peter's family - it's Peter's birthday tomorrow, and also catch up with my Sister and her Hubby. Am looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back Again!

Been a bit slack with the blogging this week, but Really wanted to get another LO done. And I have, so pic will follow soon.
We lost netball on Saturday - got our bum's kicked actually!! 58 - 35........very sad. Was an awful day, very windy. We didn't play badly, they were just too good for us. I also umpired the U13's. How hard is that?? I usually do seniors, don't really like doing the junior teams. Wasn't too impressed with my opposing umpire!! She didn't even wear sneakers to umpire in, wore Uggies. Yes, it was cold, but.................. I won't complain about her too much, cos without umpires there would be no game, but, I would have thought a B Grade standard player would at least know which part of the court she is meant to control!! Anyhow!
Halle has been a bit under the weather again - teething I think - high temps and generally unsettled. She is fine now, and sleeping well at nights still. Not always all thru the night, but happy now to go back to sleep in the cot. Haha, she was so funny last night! It was bed time, Pete was reading Tyla a story in her bedroom - usually Halle is with them, but we were running late last night, so didn't worry about it. I was feeding Halle, she was ready for bed. Next thing, she pulls away from me (Nearly taking my nipple with her)! and looks up the hallway - listening to Pete's voice. She starts crying - really loudly! Not a hurt cry, but an "I'm missing out" cry! I tried to keep feeding her, but no way. I took her up to Tyla's room, put her on the bed so she could listen to the story too, and she was very happy! When the stories had finished, she came back to me, finished her feed and went to bed. So funny, she really is very determined and has a bad temper already! She is nearly standing up on her own now too, so that is exciting.
Tyla is enjoying school holidays, altho going a bit stir crazy cos it's too yucky to go outside much. She's been doing lots of crafty stuff and playing with blocks and dolls and ponies and whatever else she can find. We've been having lots of indoor picnics.
Peter's birthday on Saturday, so he has the rest of the week off work and also Monday and Tuesday next week. We are going away for the weekend, leaving after netball on saturday.
Our house is going to be empty soon, our tenants are moving to another town. So, I am stressing big time about that, and madly trying to find new tenants. Hopefully we will find some long term renters. Anyone out there want to rent a 4 bedroom house in a beautiful beachside town?? Peter's brother is thinking about moving in, so hopefully he will let us know soon.
OK, here is my recent LO...........made for a challenge on the escape2create Blog - link on the right!
The theme was Oranges and Lemons - had to use orange or yellow on the page.
Quite happy with this one, altho the letters in the title are stamped with Pink ink, but looks quite orange in the picture. Oh well, still seems to blend ok.
Made using Stampin' Up PP and lots of ribbons and buttons. Don't ask me how long it took to stick them all down! LOL! Based on a Becky Fleck Sketch.
Sunshine - the journalling around the circle says: "Every single day, help to light my way. And darling, right before my eyes, it don't come as no surprise...........that it's easy.........easy.........loving you". From the Nazareth song, Sunshine.
Journalling on the PP says: Our first trip to Ceduna as a family of FOUR. It was lovely sitting and playing on the front verandah, enjoying the sunshine. Photos taken 23 Feb '08.

Anyway, that's it for now - going to get organised and take the girls out to lunch. TFL, and if you like, leave a comment! :-)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My Girls have had the most wonderful day. My Parents looked after our girls today and everyone had a Ball. They went for coffee and cake at the local Café, bike riding, playing with the dog, made Gingerbread Men (well Gingerbread Shapes cos we don't have a man shaped biscuit cutter)! Did some grocery shopping and cooked us tea. Tyla totally crashed at bedtime, she was exhausted! Halle only had 1/2 hour sleep all day, she just didn't want to miss out on anything. Mum and Dad left after tea, about 8 o'clock, then had a 2 hour drive ahead of them before they got home. I feel so full and overflowing with love atm, for my fabulous parents and my amazingly gorgeous girls, who are so well behaved and loving and wonderful, and for my fabulous Man, who rarely complains and adores his family. Thanks everybody for making my life so sweet!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yaay, some more scrapping!

This is my LO for the Free PP (Patterned Paper) Challenge from the SM (Scrapbooking Memories) Forum. Really love the paper, altho didn't end up using much of it on the LO. The heart was cut from the PP, and jazzed up quite a bit. The journalling in the heart is a rub-on. The Chipboard word Sisters, is actually stamped Orange (believe it or not)! Then I embossed it - not quite what I wanted but it seems to match OK. I had fun with this page - No 2 for Halle's album! Inspired by a LO from the lovely RIH2002!
And this page was done by my DD Tyla 4 years old! Her first proper scrapbook page. She did most of it herself - I punched the flowers and threaded the beads on the rings. She is very proud of her creation! So am I!! Hehe. She is itching to do another one now. Had the camera club meeting today. I'm very pleased with my efforts from the last challenges. Out of 3 Categories, I received 2 First places and a Merit. Woohoo, great start!!
Rock Formations - 1st Place
Patterns - 1st Place And I keep forgetting to do this - I did crop the car out of the pic I submitted, so this isn't quite the exact picture that won!
Can't put my merit pic up cos that is from film and haven't scanned the neg yet.
Have Submitted for Child Studies and the open Category. Local Topic (judged internally) is Mums, so need to think about that topic! Have another month to work that out.
My Mum and Dad are here with us atm. Got here in time for tea, and are staying the night. Tomorrow they will watch the girls for me while I go to work for the day. (I only work 4 1/4 hours per week, cleaning the school cos I am actually on maternity leave). It's school hols so the clean is meant to be a bit more detailled. Tyla is really looking forward to it, cos they are planning to make Gingerbread Men. Will have to give my Camera to my Dad. Not to Mum, cos she is the worst photographer I've seen!! No Offense Mum!! LOL
If you've read this far, Thank-you!! Please leave a comment and say HI!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's Still..........

RAINING!!! Yaah, hooray and yippee!! Keep it coming!

Interesting Week

Has been an interesting and Busy week.........
Netball practice on thursday night - gets frustrating on the weeks we don't have a game, cos out of 4 teams, we only had enough people at practice to field 2 teams!! Very annoying. So, of course everybody goes a bit silly and likes to play in different positions, so, was a waste of time really!! Oh well it's good exercise and helping me shed the baby blubber! I'm thinking about all my clothes in the wardrobe that I WILL get back into!
Haven't done any scrapping for a few days because I had to umpire at the Pedlar Cup (Under 15 Carnival) on Saturday. That meant no scrapping cos I needed to have some early nights with decent sleep or I would never make it through the day!! Was a very early start and was very Cold and Windy! Thankfully it didn't rain tho. The standard of play was fantastic and I really enjoyed the day. Ended up doing a Final too, so was pretty stoked about that! :-) Felt a bit strange, having lived in a few places on Eyre Peninsula, knew people from lots of different Associations - was great to catch up with them! And I bet I was the only umpire there who had to express Breast Milk during the day........ROFL!! I thought that was funny, anyway! Hehe. Totally worn out when I got home last night. Peter was fabulous - looked after the girls and had tea ready for us all too. Tyla helped a lot too, helping to look after Halle and playing with her. This was the longest I have been away from Halle since she was born, so was a big step for both of us. And, don't think badly of me, but I LOVED IT!!
A good friend from the SM Forum was visiting her family near where I was umpiring, so she dragged her hubby along to come and see me! That was fabulous, thanks Tambear,was great to catch up with you again and to meet your man! Looking forward to next holidays! :-)
And more netball stuff today - did the Umpire's Exam for Players. Only took about an hour and hopefully will improve on my score from last time I did it.
Had a bit of a sleep-in today - 9am!
Oh and Great News!! Halle has slept through the last 2 nights! Didn't wake up for her 2am feed! I think we've worked out to give her lots of food at night before bed........She is a real Miss Piggy atm, eats more than her 4 year old sister. And a lot faster too...........
It's raining atm, which is fantastic. It's been so dry here, the farmers must be really starting to worry, so this rain is very welcome. Let's hope there is more following.
Tyla had a friend over to visit for a few hours today, absolutely Trashed her bedroom. LOL, but they had fun.

1. The Winner can take the logo
2. Place a link to the person that sent you the award.
3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Scrapbooking-Blogs, which by it's currency, the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy.
4. Put a link to these sites on your blog.
5. Write a comment on their blogs that they've won an Award.
Well, I have to say that I was really surprised to see that Ali nominated me!! My blog has been going for such a short time, with only 1 LO on it, and I think my day to day life is fairly boring really...............LOL, so I guess you never can tell!! THANKS ALI!! MWAH! Oh, and I just LOVE the gorgeous photo u have as your header Ali - Awesome.
Really hard to pick 7 people to nominate, cos most of my faves have just been picked!! So if you're not here, it's only cos I was trying really hard to pick different Blogs!
My nominations are (in no particular order):
Tiff found me on the SM Forum. We don't live to far from each other (well, relatively speaking that is)! Only about 1 1/2 hours! Hehe. So, you never know, one day we might catch up with each other IRL! Love this Blog - very real with some fab links on it! Check it out ladies!
Just love this ladies work!! A great inspiration for me, her talent and motivation leaves me holding my breath. Haven't chatted to her for ages, so, just letting you know, I miss you and hope you and your famiily are going well!
Another fave blog for me. Love this ladies work too and really enjoy reading her blog. some great links here too.
An amazing young lady with a wealth of talent. An inspiration to all of us! Love your work Ruby.
A great blog - honest and real. Great talent and an amazing spirit! Lots of fab links also.
Some fab links with competitions and courses. And of course, awesome LO's.
Another great Blog with some awesome work on display and lots of cool links to check out.
I am planning to scrap tonight - have a photo frame to alter and have the photo and cardstock ready for one of the Challenge's on SM Forum. And a couple of other challenges that I really wanna participate in..........check out the links if you are interested. Found an awesome Blog (thanks Tiff) with some amazing ladies and work displayed......check out escape2create!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some Scrapping

I'm so pleased, finally I have done some scrapping!!! Yaaah and Yippee!!! I have completed a LO for a friend from SM (but don't want to put it up here until I have her permission) and also completed my first page of Halle! That's shocking, isn't it - she is 10 months old! Anyway, here it is - a bit old fashioned, but I like it!
I designed and printed the transparency myself, but only have an A4 printer. There is a join, which is very noticable in the pic, but IRL can't see it much at all. And don't mind the shadows - only time all day we had sunlight!

Halle is over her illness/rash thing that she had. Finally back to her normal self, so good to see her happy and laughing again. She has been sleeping very well too - the last 3 nights she has stayed in the cot all night!! Still waking up for a feed, but happy to go back in the cot. That is a huge breakthrough, I really hope it continues. And she is becoming more confident with standing - letting go of things with both hands now.

Tyla's kindy report was very good. Her confidence has grown a lot this term, she is participating and playing and has started to develop some good friends. One more day to go, then holidays for 2 weeks. She really is such an amazing child, I forget that she is only 4. We made scones today, she was mixing the batter, kneading the dough and cutting the scones. Loves being in the kitchen. Always helps get the vegies for tea and usually sets the table too. Her and Halle are getting on very well at the moment. So lovely to hear them playing and laughing together.

We lost our netball on Saturday - by 4 goals. We had the play but our goalies were rattled and had lots of misses. Only 5 more games 'til finals start. I think we are about 3rd on the ladder. No netball this weekend, it is Pedlar Cup. I will be umpiring, gotta be there at 8:50am (OMG) and think I do 5 games during the day. (Only 1/2 hour games, thank goodness)! Peter will stay home with the girls, too long a day for them, specially if it rains. There is a scrapbook shop there, but won't have the time to go look.........

Camera Club meets again next Tuesday. These are my pics for the Patterns Category.
Oops, this one does have the car cropped out of it.

The other category is Child Studies!! How hard is it going to be to pick 3 photos for that? Have narrowed the selection down to about 12 pics...........And also the Open Category. Not sure what to submit for that yet either.

Received my order from Snapfish - have now got some photos of Halle in frames, hooray! And only 2 years behind in photos for the albums! And that is not even thinking about the Scrap Albums! Can't buy ink for my Printer anywhere locally, so will have to find somewhere online to get it. Tyla watched Better Homes and Gardens the other night - so we spent part of sunday making a Hot Water Bottle Cover! Haha, how funny are kids!?

Found out that insurance isn't going to cover the broken oven at our house! Very annoying. And, found out tonight that our tenants may be leaving when the lease runs out after all! Not happy, only spoke to her 2 weeks ago and all was fine. Hopefully know by Friday what is going on. We have a couple of other people interested, so fingers crossed the house won't be empty for too long.

My additional 12 months Maternity Leave has been approved. That means no returning to ANZ until 2 August 2009.

Thanks for dropping in, and I'll be back again soon, hopefully with some more scrapping to show.