Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back Again!

Been a bit slack with the blogging this week, but Really wanted to get another LO done. And I have, so pic will follow soon.
We lost netball on Saturday - got our bum's kicked actually!! 58 - 35........very sad. Was an awful day, very windy. We didn't play badly, they were just too good for us. I also umpired the U13's. How hard is that?? I usually do seniors, don't really like doing the junior teams. Wasn't too impressed with my opposing umpire!! She didn't even wear sneakers to umpire in, wore Uggies. Yes, it was cold, but.................. I won't complain about her too much, cos without umpires there would be no game, but, I would have thought a B Grade standard player would at least know which part of the court she is meant to control!! Anyhow!
Halle has been a bit under the weather again - teething I think - high temps and generally unsettled. She is fine now, and sleeping well at nights still. Not always all thru the night, but happy now to go back to sleep in the cot. Haha, she was so funny last night! It was bed time, Pete was reading Tyla a story in her bedroom - usually Halle is with them, but we were running late last night, so didn't worry about it. I was feeding Halle, she was ready for bed. Next thing, she pulls away from me (Nearly taking my nipple with her)! and looks up the hallway - listening to Pete's voice. She starts crying - really loudly! Not a hurt cry, but an "I'm missing out" cry! I tried to keep feeding her, but no way. I took her up to Tyla's room, put her on the bed so she could listen to the story too, and she was very happy! When the stories had finished, she came back to me, finished her feed and went to bed. So funny, she really is very determined and has a bad temper already! She is nearly standing up on her own now too, so that is exciting.
Tyla is enjoying school holidays, altho going a bit stir crazy cos it's too yucky to go outside much. She's been doing lots of crafty stuff and playing with blocks and dolls and ponies and whatever else she can find. We've been having lots of indoor picnics.
Peter's birthday on Saturday, so he has the rest of the week off work and also Monday and Tuesday next week. We are going away for the weekend, leaving after netball on saturday.
Our house is going to be empty soon, our tenants are moving to another town. So, I am stressing big time about that, and madly trying to find new tenants. Hopefully we will find some long term renters. Anyone out there want to rent a 4 bedroom house in a beautiful beachside town?? Peter's brother is thinking about moving in, so hopefully he will let us know soon.
OK, here is my recent LO...........made for a challenge on the escape2create Blog - link on the right!
The theme was Oranges and Lemons - had to use orange or yellow on the page.
Quite happy with this one, altho the letters in the title are stamped with Pink ink, but looks quite orange in the picture. Oh well, still seems to blend ok.
Made using Stampin' Up PP and lots of ribbons and buttons. Don't ask me how long it took to stick them all down! LOL! Based on a Becky Fleck Sketch.
Sunshine - the journalling around the circle says: "Every single day, help to light my way. And darling, right before my eyes, it don't come as no surprise...........that it's easy.........easy.........loving you". From the Nazareth song, Sunshine.
Journalling on the PP says: Our first trip to Ceduna as a family of FOUR. It was lovely sitting and playing on the front verandah, enjoying the sunshine. Photos taken 23 Feb '08.

Anyway, that's it for now - going to get organised and take the girls out to lunch. TFL, and if you like, leave a comment! :-)


sandra said...

Hi Lisa
I know I have already commented on your layout in E2C but just had to 'gush' a little bit more in
I can see why you are happy with this layout... everything about it is perfect... the colours, the photos, the journaling, and the amazing sun design...
You really deserve to feel proud of yourself..Post it everywhere girl... this one should be shared!

Lisa said...

Thanks so much Sandra, I'm blushing!! I actually dreamt this LO, so maybe I need to dream like that more often. I had fun making it to. And I love sharing my work, so thanks heaps for taking the time to look. :-)