Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Trail of Destruction!

Haha, a quick post with a pic that I love! Not real good quality it was a quick snap with my phone! Halle helping herself to the cupboard! Follow the trail of destruction! She found the Vita-Brits, the Saladas and the Muesli Bars! Was very funny watching her trying to eat dry Vita-Brits!! I just love the "Who me................"? look on her face! Too Cute!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


..finished this LO. Another for Mum's album- that will be mostly what I am scrapping for the next 4 months! This is of my Wedding in January 1995 -yes, I am divorced. I really love this photo of my Mum and Dad.
This is for a Sketch Challenge on Scrapchat - link on the RHS>>>>
Not a real good photo - the CS is actually a Soft Pink Colour. My first real attempt at doodling - yes, I cheated and used a Chatterbox Doodling Template - OMG, I was so nervous - my hand was literally shaking! Was so worried I would ruin the page! But it turned out OK! LOL! It is hard to see, but there is Bling on the top Left Hand corner of the photo mat - great value, packs of mini bling at Cheap as Chips for $2! The butterfly is a Beutron Iron On Motif.
Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Really Long Post!

We've had a flat out week! Have not really had time to post here, so sorry everybody if you've been waiting for me! I will warn you now, this is a very long post..............hopefully you will think it's worth reading!
Where to start...............
Monday 18th - My Dad arrived on his way home (we live half way between the 2 towns where my parents own houses), stayed the night with us. Was lovely to just have Dad here, cos normally it is Mum as well, so was great to have some time with Dad on his own. This was really a surprise for Tyla. I had to cook something for the Kindy Lunch and for the Trading Table for Tuesday.
Tuesday 19th - Mini Olympics Day at the Kindy. Oh my goodness, Tyla had been so excited about this, and having her Grandpa here to go with us made her so happy. There were 3 teams - Greece, Ireland and China. I liked how they didn't have an Australian Team, so none of the kids would get upset about not being on that team. Tyla was on "Team Ireland" so she had to wear a green t-shirt. We all found green shirts (even tho Green really isn't my colour...........sigh, the sacrifices we make for our kids.......LOL!!)!! There were lots of events throughout the day - Egg & Spoon Race, Wheelbarrow Race, that kind of thing. Tyla's team won 3 medals (as did all the teams). A Silver for Tunnel Ball, a Bronze for Egg & Spoon Race and Gold for Hobby Horse Race. Again, it was very well organised, each team won a medal of each colour. The kids had loads of fun. I'm very impressed with our Kindy Director this year (I have nothing to compare her too..........LOL). She has really made an effort and there is always something fabulous and exciting happening. The kids love her and she is very hands on. Thanks Lucy, you are great! :-)
Peter, Halle and Grandpa.


Egg & Spoon Race


Hobby Horse Race

Oh, and the kids were taught the Australian National Anthem, so for the Opening and Closing Ceremony, they all marched in their teams with the team flags and stood together and sang the Anthem. Bought a tear to my eyes! Tyla made me so proud, she just loves the song!! (Insert rolling eyes here.........LOL). Everytime it has been on TV this fortnight, she has stopped whatever she is doing and sang the Anthem. She knows all the words (we've been singing it with her) and amazingly can pick up from wherever the music seems to start from IYKWIM! Unreal! (Can't tell I'm a proud mum)!LOL

Singing the National Anthem

Grandpa left that afternoon and can't remember what we did on Wednesday. Must have been a quiet day.
Thursday 21st - Halle's Birthday. OMG my baby girl is ONE! How did that happen so quickly? We gave her one of her presents before Tyla went to Kindy and saved the rest til that evening. Hahahaha, something really funny happened Thursday morning's a long story, so bear with me!
The Variety Bash arrived here Wednesday night - I had to work, so didn't get to see any of the cars arrive, or take the girls to have a look and cos Peter was still sick, he wasn't too enthusiastic about it either. They all camped on the town oval, which is directly across the road from us. Was very noisy - music til about 2am, lots of cars driving around and people partying. Didn't bother me - part of living where we are, and the girls didn't notice at all. I got out of bed about 7:20 Thursday morning to get Tyla up and ready for Kindy. Pete was in the shower. Was about to get Tyla when I heard a very quiet knock on the front door. Of course I wondered who on earth it was that early in the morning, thought it might have been something about Peter's work. Opened the door and there is this guy standing there - perfect stranger, wearing a wetsuit, Port Power/Vodaphone Guernsey and Port Power hat, with a small bag under his arm...................what the??? He says "Did I get you out of bed"? - I'm wearing uggies, PJ's and my Blue Dressing Gown.....very bleary eyed, been awake for about 2 minutes! I said "No, just got up". He then asks...."this isn't where the showers are is it"? Being still half asleep I gave him a very blank look, then said "No....who are you looking for"? His reply............"Somebody told me a lady over here in a blue dressing gown said we could use her shower" (he was quick)! To make a very long story a bit shorter, I let him in to have a shower - let Pete know he had to hurry up so the stranger in our lounge could use the shower!! ROFL!! His name is Declan and I told him he could come in cos he was wearing Port Power colours!
He had his shower and went on his way. Pete and I are having breakfast pissing ourselves laughing at this guys cheek, and wondering how much he raised for the Variety Club with that stunt, when he comes back with a big bag of goodies for us - Power hat, hand clapper, wig, footy...........LOL, cracked us up, was a very funny way to start the morning.
I took Tyla to kindy and Halle and I went for a big walk around all the cars, I had to find Declan so I could get a photo taken with him, cos no-one would believe this had happened! The cars were all lined up on our street getting ready to leave for the day. Turns out he planned to Knock on 3 doors to see if he could use a shower......ours was door number 2! The first one no-one was home. None of the other Bashers could believe that we let him in, so he was quite pleased to prove that we did. Somebody asked me if he promised me a phone if I let him have a shower, and I said, "That wouldn't have worked, Vodaphone is no good out here, we don't get signal"...........LOL, turns out he is the State Manager for Vodaphone. ROFPMSL. I was also asked what my husband thought about this happening, they were aghast that I let a stranger into my house...........I just said that Peter was home, and what did it matter, I didn't get in the shower with him.............Declan laughed "We'll leave it at that, shall we?".................Anyway, very long story, but a very funny one, I thought! If you've read all this, hope you thought it was funny too. The girls ended up with so much stuff from all the Bash Participants - toys, hats, bags, lollies etc..............they were giving away stuff all over the place.

My Shower Visitor

Thursday night my Mum and Dad arrived about 7ish, so we unwrapped the rest of Halle's pressies and my parents gave her theirs. What a pressie she got from them - a big horse - not a real one (thank goodness) but a battery powered one, that is big enough for them to sit on - it neighs and shakes its head and tail and makes a trotting sound - is very cool! Tyla loves it, Halle is a bit unsure.

Friday 22nd - Early morning - I was up at 6am (no stranger asking for a shower this time)! We left the house about 8:30 heading to Port Lincoln for the day. 5 of us in our car (including the 2 carseats for the girls - was very squashy for my Mum in the back)! Arrived in PL about 11am (roadworks on the way) had a quick cuppa at my Nan's house and then we all went to have lunch with Nan and her "Women's and Children's Hospital" Committee Members. Nan received a Commendation for 25 years of service. Was a lovely ceremony - very touching. Nan almost had a tear in her eye - a very rare thing indeed. If you get GTS/BKS TV, keep an eye out - we will be on the news one night. The reporter took lots of footage of Halle! Let me know if you see it, cos we don't get local TV here, ours comes from Qld and NT! Did some shopping and bits and pieces, went out to dinner and came home again - got home about 11pm probably! A very long day.

Nan - 92 Years

Saturday we spent recovering from Friday and getting ready for Sunday. Peter worked his butt off getting the yard ready and I worked hard getting the house and food organised.

Sunday 24th - Halle's birthday party! About 40 people here for a barby and party for Halle. My parents were still here and some of Pete's family travelled up here too. My sister couldn't make it sadly, cos they are shearing today and she had to work. The weather was perfect (love this time of year) we had lots of food and fun - the kids all had a great time, Halle was spoilt rotten with lots of cuddles and kisses and attention. Was a lovely day!

My parents went home after we had tea tonight and just phoned to say they made it home safely - a 2 hour drive at night! Thank goodness!
Anyway, that's been our last week. A very long post, thanks if you made it this far! Hope you like the photos and please leave a comment!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

First One!

This is the first completed page for Mum's Birthday Album. Yaay!! LOL, it's not totally finished tho, waiting on Nan to come up with some journalling, which will go on a tag behind the photo, and will put some words under the ribbon on the LHS, depending on what Nan journals. Happy with this - love the photo, one of my faves.
Had an interesting morning - woke up to no hot water!! So have phoned the Landlord and hopefully will get an electrician here very soon. Peter is really sick, so is home from work today, so he had pots and kettles going to get hot water so I could have a bath this morning! He knows how grumpy I get if I can't wash my hair!! LOL ;-) He's got a Doctors appointment this arvo. Healthy bunch aren't we?

Sunday, August 17, 2008


......if I sounded like a sore loser!! I'm not really!! Being an umpire myself, bad umpiring always makes me mad, but as a player, you just have to accept whatever umpires you have. Without them we don't have a game, so I apologise if I offended anyone! :-) And I'm not really upset that we didn't win anyway - it was a fun season and I got to meet lots of great new people.
Had a very lazy day today - still feeling yuck, and cold here again. Lots of things I should be doing but finding it hard to get the motivation. Never mind, tomorrow I will feel better! Yep, I will! :-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We Lost :-(

Oh well, we lost by 4 today. That's it, all over red rover! We are now out for the year. The opposition were very rough and it wasn't controlled at all by the umpires. The idea of a good umpire, is they pick up the First Infringement, not the second or third. And our goalies were shooting at about 50%. Very poor effort, by this time of year, their accuracy should be a lot better. But that's the way it's been all year. So mostly over, 'cept we are hosting a final in 2 weeks time, so will be all hands on deck to organise that and work on the day, and hopefully I will get at least one umpiring job for the finals.
Has been mostly a good season of netball, we did well to get to third position. And has really helped shift the post-baby blubber! Nearly back to my old self. What to do over summer now for fitness?? Not a fan of basketball, specially in 40 Degree heat, and absolutely hopeless at tennis! We will see what happens.
Pete took the girls to a 4yo birthday party today. Hehe, the girls had fun.
My sinus infection seems to be better today (or I wouldn't have played).
Peter is going for a drive tomorrow (about 300km round trip) to do an inspection on our house as the tenants moved out this week and the new tenant moves in tomorrow. Apparantly the yard is a mess with lots of weeds. An ongoing problem I know, but the tenant should have cleared it all before they moved out. Not sure what to do about that - Peter will spray them tomorrow. The new tenant is Peter's brother, and he isn't paying a bond, so I'm sure he won't mind cleaning up when the weeds are all dead. But not his problem, so I guess the cost of the Weed Killer etc should come out of the previous tenants bond. What does everyone think?? I'm not good with stuff like this - a bit soft!! LOL!
Anyway, haven't done much scrapping cos I need more PP's - haven't got what I need for the doubles I need to do, and waiting on something I have ordered to continue with one already started. Will print out some pics tonight for some single pages and see how I go. Need to finish my recipe cards for a swap on SM. That can be tomorrows job, not in the mood for it tonight.
Hope everyone has a superb sunday! Hopefully I will get a small sleepin!! LOL!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Not a Good Day.

I had a very bad night last night - went to bed early cos I am sick, but woke up about 2:30 with awful pain in my sinuses and head! Was awake til after 5, could not get back to sleep and could not get rid of headache or pain. Took some panadol knowing full well that wouldn't help a bit!
So, have been to the Doctor's today, I have a Sinus Infection (mmm, I think I knew that) and am now on anti-biotics.
While we were at the Doctor's Surgery, in the waiting room - Tyla and Halle are playing with the toys from the toybox. Halle is crawling about on the floor - a small room so they were both within my sight all the time. Halle crawled up to me, then pulled herself up on the table near where I was sitting, happy, then suddenly started crying! A real high cry like she had hurt herself. I picked her up, just as the doctor came to get me, and couldn't work out what was wrong, then realised she had something in her mouth. Would you believe, she had a B&%$#@ Drawing Pin in her mouth!! OMG, I freaked out. She must have picked it up off the floor or taken it off one of the notice boards. I didn't see her go anywhere near the noticeboards, so am thinking it must have been on the floor! Thank goodness she pricked her mouth with it, or who knows what might have happened. I get all cold and shivery thinking she may have swallowed it! That is just too scary to contemplate! And then I get upset because I didn't notice she had put something in her mouth! And I was with her and watching her the whole time. Things can happen so quickly!
I still feel yuck! S'posed to be playing netball tomorrow, and I don't want to miss out. Will see how I feel in the morning. Tyla is going to a birthday party, so Peter will have to take her! Haha! Her first party invitation since we have moved here, she is very happy about that!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Quickie........

Hey everyone! :-) Not a real good day today - we are all sick........all 4 of us! We all have the dreaded head cold that is doing the rounds. Tyla didn't go to kindy but Pete had to go to work! :-( He would have been very happy to stay home today. And cos I'm still breastfeeding, very limited on what I can take.
I still went to netball practice - first Semi-Final on saturday. The team we play we have beaten twice and lost to them once. Hopefully we will play like a TEAM and do well.
Am trying to get my head around some scrapping. Have a double page LO started, but I don't do many doubles, and is pushing my boundaries atm! Having a head full of cotton wool doesn't help much either!! LOL.
Anyway, I'm sure we will all feel better tomorrow. Specially if I can make a good start on this LO. Hopefully will have something to show soon.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Camera Club Pics

We have 2 categories each month and an open category.
Category 1: Mums
This is Pete's sister and her 3 boys, taken about 3 weeks ago.
This is my Mum and my Nan.
Taken at Nan's 80th birthday, 12 years ago (yes, she is still with us).
This is Peter's Mum and her kids and some of the Grandkids, taken in Feb '05.

Category 2: Clouds


The Wiggles - taken at their December Concert in Adelaide.

Mohan - taken at Dream World in March '07.


Well, it's taken a day longer than I hoped, but here's some pics from the Mud Puddle Picnic. Can't post too many cos the other parents didn't want their kids pics on the 'net.
Started off the day at the playground.

Then found the mud!!

And these pics, just cos they are cute!! LOL!

And here is my most recent LO. This was done for a challenge on the E2C Blog. (Link on the right). The challenge was to "Lift" a LO, this was lifted from a page here: look for sketch 91, page by Yuko. Not totally happy with this page, a bit boring and plain for me, but met the challenge requirements and suits the theme of the photo.
I have another LO underway for Mum's album, but waiting on some stuff I need to finish it. Will be starting another one tonight and printing out my pics for the camera club meeting - our next meeting is tomorrow. Will post pics when I work out which one's I want! That takes me forever!! Anyways, TFL - come back again soon! :-))

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What a Day! :-)

We have had a fantastic day!!
Well, didn't start off to good actually, Tyla wet her bed during the night (hasn't done that for about 5 months - I think she was so tired couldn't wake up to go)! But that aside.........cold but lovely day, no wind and the sun was shining, so walked Tyla to Kindy - Halle just loves going for walks in the pram - she was all rugged up. Then went to the PO and the newsagency - bought the new SC and my Sub for SM was waiting for me. And no bills, Yaay! Then went to the Bakery with a friend for coffee and morning tea. Home for Halle to have a sleep then to the park with the kindy kids. Today they were having a "Mud Puddle Picnic". Started off at the local playground, had a picnic lunch, then moved to the biggest puddle in town (probably about 20 metres long i reckon and quite deep) and they all spent the next hour playing in the mud. And I mean PLAYING in the mud - they were running, jumping, diving, belly-flopping, sitting, squelching, posing for photos ................OMG they had so much FUN!! They were drenched from head to toe, clothes absolutely trashed and covered in mud. And they were all grinning from ear to ear! Time to go, we dried them off as well as we could with a handful of towels, stripped wet jumpers off them and hurried them back to the kindy - about 10 minutes walk for littlies probably. My jumper came off and went around a little girl who was shivering and teeth chattering, my scarf went to another girl, Halle's blanket was wrapped around someone else..........Back to the kindy, quick cleanup and change of clothes (Only one mum forgot to send clean clothes which is not bad - and the kindy have spare clothes on hand) washed their faces and you wouldn't have known any different!
Add to that, they had already been for a walk to the dentist (about 4 blocks from the kindy) and to the library, they were all totally worn out.............Tyla was so tired walking home, almost to crawling pace..........but she had the best time and I had a huge time just watching them and taking photos...........was so much fun! I spent about 45 minutes this arvo trying to rinse mud out of clothes........have got them all soaking atm - Tyla's white singlet is almost white again - gotta love sard's wonder soap!!
I can't put any pics up at the moment, cos I have used up my Mb allowance for the month.. Roll on Sunday............Will put some up then, but won't be many cos of the other kids in the pics.........will try to find some of just Tyla................Halle sat in the pram and watched them - totally in awe I think. Was a bit cold too let her get in there too.
Oh and I still found time to have a quick flick thru the scrapping mags.......

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


.............Submission, another rejection!! never know, one of these days..................

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some Photos.

Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks.
This is the prize from the SM Forum:
This is the totally cool prize from the escape2create Blog - if you haven't been there yet, go check it out -some awesome ladies and lots of talent!!
These are the bags of Flock I purchased from Gypsy - thanks lovely lady, this stuff is awesome! Love the range of colours and check out the LO below for how it looks.

The Awesome Basic Grey PP's I purchased on my Shopping Trip. Can't show you the rest of my goodies, cos I have put them all away already!! (What's with that??) LOLAnd a pic of the cool goodies I received from Starlight - A gorgeous RAK from a gorgeous Lady. Thanks Amanda! MWAH!

My latest LO. Inspired by the fabulous Scrappermaz and Poppysmum - studied their work for ages before embarking on this page. Has been mostly finished for a while, just waiting for the Flock to arrive so I could finish the title. The word snuggled is chipboard, stamped pink, then covered in 2 layers of the flock. Looks pretty cool I reckon! Very different style for me (notice the photo isn't matted) and it took me ages, but I am very pleased with the result.

And some pics from the week:

The girls enjoying lunch on the front verandah - thanks Nana and Grandpa for the cool table!

Halle playing while Tyla and I created.

And Tyla wearing her creation.