Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Quickie........

Hey everyone! :-) Not a real good day today - we are all sick........all 4 of us! We all have the dreaded head cold that is doing the rounds. Tyla didn't go to kindy but Pete had to go to work! :-( He would have been very happy to stay home today. And cos I'm still breastfeeding, very limited on what I can take.
I still went to netball practice - first Semi-Final on saturday. The team we play we have beaten twice and lost to them once. Hopefully we will play like a TEAM and do well.
Am trying to get my head around some scrapping. Have a double page LO started, but I don't do many doubles, and is pushing my boundaries atm! Having a head full of cotton wool doesn't help much either!! LOL.
Anyway, I'm sure we will all feel better tomorrow. Specially if I can make a good start on this LO. Hopefully will have something to show soon.

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sandra said...

sorry to hear that you are all not well..
get well soon!