Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 sleeps...

...and counting...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back into it... rest for the wicked, so they say. Life is once again in the hectic phase, with Uni taking over my life again. Doing 3 units in an attempt to 'get ahead' and have a quieter Christmas time re study. Just means I have lots to do :) Am about on track, just have a lot of work to do before E2C Retreat in about 10 days. 3 Assignments to have completed, one not too big, 2 HUGE ones. Gotta love a challenge. I do have a couple of days after the retreat til they are due, but they are TOO big to get done in 2 days, so beforehand it is.
One a lighter note, my sister, who does not like scrapbooking at all...thinks it's a huge waste of time, actually was very impressed with the LO I did of her baby Anabelle (see earlier post) and would like it framed to go on Anabelle's bedroom wall. Was very surprised. So now to find a nice frame to put it in. Anyone got any suggestions? I know KMart sometimes have them, but I got one from there before Christmas and the LO's don't fit properly, very annoyed.
Anyway, will see lots of you lovely people at the retreat soon...I am really looking forward to it...odds are on that I will have a totally sleepless night before this year's too! mmm....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


A small challenge from the E2C Blog...
Check out this site:'s a lot of fun!


OK, I don't normally brag about my University results...doesn't feel right. BUT (lol), I am so excited about my last Unit that I want to shout it to everybody!
The last Assignment was a digital ePortfolio, a Power Point presentation to demonstrate and reflect on our learning journey so far, which will be adapted and modified in the future. I got my mark back today, OMFG, fantastic feedback and 39/40! Absolutely elated! Doing the big happy dance atm! Also means I only dropped 3 points for the whole unit, ending up with 97%!
Gotta be happy with that!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let it be over...

We have had a terrible 2 weeks...Tyla has had a very painful ear infection...numerous trips to the hospital, finally on anti-biotics, still took her about 4 days to come good. All up she had 4.5 days off school. Has not been pleasant. Then, Friday night, Halle woke up vomiting, spent all night at it, and half the next day. Then Saturday night, I came down with it. Poor me didn't get over it quite as quickly as Halle and Tuesday night I was still vomiting. I'm still not 100% and hardly eating. Peter got a dose as well...not as bad as me thank goodness. He got 3 days off work, luckily because he was really needed at home to look after the kids. He's drinking beer again today so must be feeling ok. lol! Top it all off, Halle seemed to have a relapse again last night. Kids are amazing tho, she has been full of beans today. She is so gorgeous at the moment, I just want to watch her face forever.
Our other gorgeous girl Tyla, will be 6 tomorrow. So tomorrow, I will be housecleaning (BLAH), making birthday cakes, sorting out house for visitors all weekend. Tyla has a friend over for sleepover tomorrow night, a couple more for very casual barbecue lunch on Saturday, and lots of family visiting for the weekend as well.! Woohoo, gonna be a fun weekend, I am looking forward to it! :)
Have not got any Uni work done at all...not a good start to the Study Period. Been too sick and am going to be too busy for the next few days. Not good...ah well. Gotta have some down time too...would just prefer it when I am not sick!
No scrapping, although am getting some ideas for E2C Retreat.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OMG I have actually done some scrapping. First LO since the Karkoo retreat in October last year. This was a nice easy one to get my mind back onto scrapping, a challenge on E2C Blog. I have lifted a LO from the cover of an old SM, by Belinda Venables.

I still need to add some stitching to mine, but my sewing machine is not working atm, so if I don't get it sorted before the March E2C retreat, I will be taking the LO with me to finish it off. I tried so hard to doodle around the letters like in the original, but I JUST CAN'T DO IT! LOL, no matter how hard I try it always looks messy and yuck when I do it when others do it though. So, out with my trusty inks...a page doesn't feel complete without some ink anyways, so all is good.

I have also added the 2 (yes, a whole 2) Layouts that I did at the Karkoo Retreat. The 'Little One' is my sister's baby, and I am very pleased with the way the page turned out.
The 'Fairy Fun' one is of Tyla & Halle, photo taken by Peter. Not completely happy with this one...too busy and no balance, but ah's another photo scrapped.

Thanks for looking everyone, leave me some love!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A bit late...

OK, I know this is very late, but am going to post these pics anyways...tried to do something really different with the kids for the Christmas photos 2009. Tyla was fantastic (as always, she is such a poser) but Halle was NOT INTERESTED. She sat still for about 3 minutes and that was it...she was gone! Managed to salvage a couple of her, but I think her face in the photo of them together says it all. Had to get Peter to be my test-dummy to make sure the lights didn't get too hot. Yes, the pics need some photoshopping, but you get the idea...only so many hours in a day!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How much would you pay?

OK, any scrappers out there who still drop by here occasionally. I am thinking about running scrapbooking classes once a month or so, depending on demand. My question is: How much would you pay to go to a class? I would provide kits for each person, so that cost would be on top of the classcost, IYKWIM. Any ideas or feedback on this welcome.

Friday, February 19, 2010


The girl's got rhythm...

I love it when...

...I can incorporate my fave hobby into my Uni Assignments! Had to make an original Power Point Presentation, an I downloaded a digikit from Scrapgirls, and used that to create my background. Many thanks to Kylie at Scrapchat for her digi help!
Here's a couple of examples...these are only screencaptures, so not the best quality, but you get the idea. So yay, I have done some scrapping! They might look a bit incomplete (except the title page) and that is cos I added text to them in the PP. Haven't got my mark back yet...that's the hard part...WAITING!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A quick update...

Ah life is so hectic. This is going to be quick, and will hopefully get back to it again soon with some photos.
I have just finished my first year of University study. OMG, I am stoked, it feels like a HUGE milestone. I have done really well and very pleased with most of my work to date. I am learning lots (lots of it probably not needed but ah well...) and have also done my first School placement, which was a lot of fun.
Kids are great, Peter is good and very supportive as usual.
Trying to find some daytime part-time work. Not easy to arrange around kids and daycare. Ah well, something will turn up.
The E2C retreat is fast approaching...about 5 weeks away I think...I am going to spend the next 5 days or so getting some kits sorted out, so I actually get a decent amount of scrapping done this time. Really really looking forward to it.
I have uploaded a photostory I did for part of my technology unit...enjoy...wish I could work out how to link it permanently, not just in a post...anyone know how?
Anyway, said this would be quick...bbs!