Tuesday, March 9, 2010


OK, I don't normally brag about my University results...doesn't feel right. BUT (lol), I am so excited about my last Unit that I want to shout it to everybody!
The last Assignment was a digital ePortfolio, a Power Point presentation to demonstrate and reflect on our learning journey so far, which will be adapted and modified in the future. I got my mark back today, OMFG, fantastic feedback and 39/40! Absolutely elated! Doing the big happy dance atm! Also means I only dropped 3 points for the whole unit, ending up with 97%!
Gotta be happy with that!


sandra said...

OMG!!! That is FANTASTIC news Lisa!
Congratulatios!! You go girl!!

Poppin the champagne at the retreat!!!!
Very happy for you.

miasmummy said...

That IS excellent Lisa, now I just have to wait until the retreat for you to tell me in person what it is all about!!! (I'm not much of a study-er) YAY! I'm with Sandra, I'll be bringing some champagne to pop too, let's toast!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

That's great news Lisa, you must be soooo pleased ! Good on you.
Yep, it'll be great to have a few coldies at the retreat !!
Not long now, cya then.