Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let it be over...

We have had a terrible 2 weeks...Tyla has had a very painful ear infection...numerous trips to the hospital, finally on anti-biotics, still took her about 4 days to come good. All up she had 4.5 days off school. Has not been pleasant. Then, Friday night, Halle woke up vomiting, spent all night at it, and half the next day. Then Saturday night, I came down with it. Poor me didn't get over it quite as quickly as Halle and Tuesday night I was still vomiting. I'm still not 100% and hardly eating. Peter got a dose as well...not as bad as me thank goodness. He got 3 days off work, luckily because he was really needed at home to look after the kids. He's drinking beer again today so must be feeling ok. lol! Top it all off, Halle seemed to have a relapse again last night. Kids are amazing tho, she has been full of beans today. She is so gorgeous at the moment, I just want to watch her face forever.
Our other gorgeous girl Tyla, will be 6 tomorrow. So tomorrow, I will be housecleaning (BLAH), making birthday cakes, sorting out house for visitors all weekend. Tyla has a friend over for sleepover tomorrow night, a couple more for very casual barbecue lunch on Saturday, and lots of family visiting for the weekend as well.! Woohoo, gonna be a fun weekend, I am looking forward to it! :)
Have not got any Uni work done at all...not a good start to the Study Period. Been too sick and am going to be too busy for the next few days. Not good...ah well. Gotta have some down time too...would just prefer it when I am not sick!
No scrapping, although am getting some ideas for E2C Retreat.


sandra said...

ewwww! vomiting bugs are the worst!!
I hope you and the rest of your family are feeling better!
Have a great weekend!

Susan said...

Oh no - I hope you are all on the mend and able to really enjoy the birthday weekend. Take care! X