Saturday, September 27, 2008


The E2C Retreat next year is at North Shields, not Tumby Bay as I put in my last post!! D'Oh, I guess I would have noticed I had the wrong place..........LOL!! Thanks Tiff for pointing that out to me!! And very politely too.......LOL!

One More.

Another page completed for Mum's album. This is the last page about my brother David for now - until I get a photo of him with his girlfriend, but that might never get here! Still waiting to get some mini-number stickers or some mini number stamps to put the date etc he was born. That will go under the photo.
Went to a Stampin' Up workshop this morning - learnt lots and am all excited about stamps now! About time, now I can learn to use the stamps I already have. Tyla had fun - she made a card.
Peter is watching the footy - GO HAWKS (that's for Peter)!LOL!
Weather is absolutely disgusting here today. Awful winds full of dust and probably about mid-to-high 30's! Been hot here the last couple of days - got the aircon going already. And the fans out of the shed.
The "For Sale" sign went up on the fence this week. Damn, so annoyed about that, but not up to us. The problem with renting I guess. Trying not to stress, just wait and see what happens.
Put my name down for the E2C retreat yaay!! That's in March next year at Tumby Bay - very excited!
Still waiting on photos from majority of people I contacted for mum's album! I know it can be a big job, but I need them now! Think I am going to have to phone people again.........To the 2 ladies who have already sent me pics, thanks Heaps!
So, have a great weekend, may the weather be nicer at your house!! And GO HAWKS!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hi Everybody.............
Tyla is feeling much better now - after a new prescription for the right anti-biotics, she is almost back to her normal self. And sleeping better too. She is at kindy today - last day for the term - had to send her in thongs cos her sandals don't fit anymore and it is too warm for sneakers. And, one of the joys of living in a small country town - can't get shoes here anywhere for her!! Not happy - we won't be going anywhere to do shopping in the near future so will have to see if I can find some online for her. And that is difficult trying to get the right sizes.
I have been trying to get paper for my printer - you would think that was an easy task, but NO...................I have an Epson Printer so stick to Epson inks and papers and am happy with the results. Nowhere in town keeps the inks, but I can order them thru the Post Office. And have always previously (where we used to live) bought the paper from the PO too. So phoned them to order some, and they can't get it anymore!! For some strange reason it has been removed from their stocklists! I have to ask Why?? Why sell the inks if the paper is unavailable? There is one other place in town who may stock it, so phoned them, and no!! Not happy cos I was completely out and didn't realise it would be so difficult to replace. So I spent about 2 hours trawling the internet to find somewhere that didn't charge an arm and leg for postage. Finally found a place "AIM Digital Imaging". Their prices are great and the postage wasn't too OTP. I ordered a full set of inks and 3 packs of paper, and even including the postage and insurance, it worked out cheaper than I have paid before. And, I ordered it Sunday and it arrived yesterday.......that is awesome for where we live. So, I would recommend having a look at this site......I am happy!
Oops - Halle has just demolished the Duplo Block Castle Tyla and I built yesterday - I better rebuild it before she gets home from Kindy, or she will be very cross!!
Awful weather here today - foul North winds - started about 4am, I know this cos that's when my nose started running and my eyes started itching! Out with the Claratyne!
I have another page completed for my current project..................this is our family dog when I was a kid.........Lucky - a little dog with a big personality. He ruled our house and our street!! I really had to hunt to find any decent photos of him - didn't take a lot of pics back then.
So, here he is:
Please excuse the bad scanning....I'm not very good at stitching the scanned images, so there is a slight shadow and a bit missing off the bottom RHS. My scanner doesn't do full 12" so is missing about 1/2 cm all the way around the LO.
Thanks for dropping by, and please leave a message!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Show Day.

Our Show Day was a bit different! We went over (literally over the road) about 11am, the Pavillion was still shut cos they hadn't finished judging. We went for a walk down sideshow alley LOL - Tyla had a play on a Jumping Castle and that was it. She was exhausted. She has been sick since Thursday - a Urinary Tract Infection poor kid. She has been on anti-biotics since Friday, but they don't seem to be working yet. On Saturday she put herself to bed about 11:30am and stayed there til 3 - her temperature has been up and down all weekend and she has been complaining about stomach pains. So I think 10 minutes on the Jumping Castle totally blew her out - she was so exhausted and her temp went right back up. We came home and she calmed down and relaxed for a while - went back about 4 and she was ready to go on rides etc, but everything was closing down. So she missed most of the Show. We got 3 showbags for the girls to share, so our lounge room floor is currently covered in lots of disposable, cheap plastic crap!
We did OK with our Scrapping tho - Tyla got a first place for her Kindy Mini Olympics LO and in the 2 categories I entered - Children - I got 1st, 2nd and 3rd - and Celebrations - 1st and 2nd. So we scooped the pool............hehe!! Doesn't mean much to Tyla but I am very proud! Funny tho - the pages I thought were the best, weren't the ones that won. Have no idea who judged them. So Tyla won $2 and for my efforts I won a grand total of..................................$3!! I'll try not to spend it all at once!ROFL!! And I've had a few ideas for trying to start some kind of business up here with scrapping. Will let you all know what, if I go ahead with it.
Will be taking Tyla back to the Doctor tomorrow - she has just woken up with a temperature over 38 and tummy ache. She asked for the fan to be put in her room, so that is now hopefully helping to keep her temp down.
Finally finished sorting thru all the Arno Bay New Years Day stuff that I still had - I have been the secretary for the last 3 1/2 years - and sent that back to Arno with Pete's brother. Now I officially have nothing to do with it! Mmm, what to do New Years Day 2009 now? I know - I'll probably still be working on Mum's birthday present. LOL!
Anyone heading to Ceduna for Oyster Fest on the October Long Weekend?
Hope everybody had a good weekend and life is treating you fairly.
Hugs to all.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Here It Is............

Yaaayy! (Insert Trumpet Fanfare here.............)LOL! Finally this page is completed! This has taken me all week, I dread to think how many actual hours of work. Saw an idea in a book that I really liked, and thought "Yep, I can do that............."! Mmmm - well, didn't work like the book said it would, so had to redesign it myself! Lots of trial and error, but have finally found a way to make it work.
This is my brother David - a life in photos. Total of 23 photos with a space left to add a couple more when I find the right pics. There is a pull tab for each page (in the middle of the LO) - when this is pulled the 4 tag/page thingys flip up to show more photos. This was the hard bit - ended up using a plastic milk bottle to make the hinges. Very happy with how this has turned out.............what do you all think??
(Don't Worry) Be Happy
page 1
page 2flip-ups on page one, with the pull tab on the right.

Flip-up's page 2 - space underneath the right hand flip for extra photos. Still need to add more ribbon when the photos are added. Pull tab on the left.

Hinge detail.

Fish Embellishments.

You can see why it has taken me so long!

We have our local show tomorrow. Tyla is really looking forward to it - wants to see all the farm animals. She entered some things in the craft section - stuff through Kindy and also some scrapbooking. I entered some LO's too. Only 4 categories in the Scrapbooking Section, and only 2 of them were relevant to me. So, 12 LO's in 2 categories! LOL - gotta show off my work somehow! Will let you know how we go!

Thanks for dropping by, and would really love to know what you think of this page.


.............I should have another LO to post! OMG this one is taking forever - and something wasn't working quite right, so had to pull some of it apart and I am about to redo it. Stay tuned................LOL ;-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Weekend

Well, we've had a reasonably quiet weekend. Weather has been awful - very windy and dusty - hayfever is driving me crazy already.
Had our Netball Wind-up on Friday night. Was a good night. Pete and the girls came too, but they left about 10:30 - I stayed and got a lift home with a friend. Had a few drinks - first time since before I was pregnant with Halle! So didn't need too many to be feeling light-headed! LOL! They ran out of Scotch about 11:30 - probably a good thing or I would have been worse for wear the next day. Did lots of dancing and really enjoyed myself.
Had a bit of a sleep-in Saturday morning - about 9:30 probably, after getting home about 2am and getting up to Tyla 3 times during the night. She's having nightmares all the time lately, not sure what to do about it. Any advice?? Had a very slow and lazy morning then had to go to work (Cos I didn't do it Friday night). Pete cooked tea and I spent most of Saturday night on the floor in the lounge room sorting thru photos. Got all of mum's photos sorted into groups, so am making progress.
Slept-in again today - 9ish, I guess. Up with Tyla again 3 or 4 times. Really worrying me, have tried to rule things out that might be causing it, but nothing seems to make any difference. Hopefully she will get past this stage quickly. All she wanted to do this weekend was go on "An Adventure" - she wanted to take us all for a walk around town and have a picnic somewhere - and the weather has just been to disgusting to do it. Spent a lot of time scanning photos and should be doing some scrapping, but can't find the urge just now.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend and all those playing sport had fun.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Gotta Ask.......... Doggy Slobber acid free?? ROFLMAO?? Seriously tho - I took my LO outside to photograph it, and the damn dog dropped his slobbery tennis ball onto it!! Wiped the slobber off, but has left marks on the photos!! Can't change them to new pics now! Time will tell I s'pose!
I do have a scanner, but tis only an A4 and even tho I can stitch the 12x12" together, it doesn't quite do full 12"length, so can't be bothered scanning my LO's. It does give better colour tho. I do like my scanner tho, cos I can scan negatives and slides - and that makes me very happy!!
Anyways, here's the LO I started at 5 Loaves the other night - wow, a week ago now! And of course, I thought I had all the pics from David's 21st, but when going thru mum's pics found a very cool photo of the cake - was a dartboard, and looked awesome - all the detail was right on! Too late to add it now - might see if I can add a hidden photo somehow.
Basic Grey PP again - a bit hard to see the detail - again a bit plain for me, used to doing girl pages with lots of flowers and bling. First time using the Core'dinations Cardstock - quite like it, will have to use it again!

Thanks for looking and all comments welcomed!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Long Time, No Blog!

Wow, didn't realise it had been so long since I updated! Slack hey?
Mmmm, what's been happening? Hafta find my diary and look back so I remember.
Nothing much during the week last week - Kindy for Tyla and work for me (Oh How I Hate That Job)!
Friday 5th September - Went to Cummins for a ScrapNite and to meet all the lovely ladies from escape2create. Pete finished work early so I could leave early - I left here about 4ish - Cummins is about 150kms from here. Had to pack all my scrap stuff to take - spent the previous 2 evenings planning my LO, then decided that it didn't really matter cos I would probably spend more time chatting than scrapping! And yep, that is what happened! Did get some scrapping done, but between shopping with the "Shabby Chic Shack" ladies (from Lock - a great little Shop if you are in the area) and wishing Sandra HAPPY 40TH and chatting and meeting everyone, not a great deal got done. I left about 11:30 to drive home - thankfully no kangaroos on the road altho did see a few rabbits. I had a fantastic night - well worth the drive. Tiff took a BLOG photo - here it is!

Lots of lovely talented people!

Saturday, I had to work (Cos I didn't do it Friday night), then Umpired the D Grade Grand Final Netball match. I usually do A Grade - was very difficult doing this grade, but had fun and it was a good game. The outcome was as expected, but the runners-up played really well and didn't lose by as much as they thought they would. The Footy was good - Wirrulla won the A & B Grades, breaking a 24 year drought.

Then we jumped in the Car and drove to Ceduna for a couple of days. Father's Day on the Sunday, so thought we would surprise my Dad. Was dark when we got there (2 hour drive), so we parked around the corner and snuck in the front door. He was asleep on the lounge, and was very surprised to see us! Made him very happy, so glad we went. Mum was very pleased to see us too. Peter took Monday off work, so didn't have to rush home on Sunday.

Did some shopping where Mum works - hit the sale rack! LOL! Really need new clothes cos my pre-Halle clothes are too small (Think they musta shrunk when we moved! ROFL)!! I've lost lots of pregnancy blubber but not enough to get back into my clothes yet!! (Insert grumpy face here)! Anyway, got myself 3 new pairs of jeans, a new shirt and 2 pairs of jeans for Pete, all for the huge total of $79!! And they are nice jeans too - gotta be happy with that!

AND, managed to get all of mum's photos (OMG)! Yep all of them. 4 shoeboxes and a suitcase full. Have sorted thru the shoeboxes and put them into groups according to people. Have told Mum that I am going to sort them all and scan them! And I will - just not immediately! LOL! So, have found lots more for Mum's album and can really get down to serious scrapping with it now. So, here's a few very old photos! No editing yet, just scanned and uploaded. Gotta love the old polaroids. They have held their colour quite well really.

Circa 1972. This one is probably about 1978.And me in my Little Ath's Gear! No laughing!! ROFL! What's with the hair???? About 1980.Hehe, hope that has given you all a good laugh!

Went to Camera Club Meeting on Tuesday. Got a second with this Pic:

Lost a point cos his eyes are shut! What the...............???? Mmmm, the judges make me laugh sometimes. Anyway, have decided not to worry about the judges, cos a good photos is in the eye of the beholder and I am not going to take my photos for the judges, but for me. Last month I had a gorgeous photos of Pete and Tyla playing in the rocks at the waters edge, taken from behind. Lost points cos you couldn't see their faces! Again - What the...........?? That was the whole point of the photo. Oh well! Still deciding if I can be bothered sorting thru my photos to enter some in the local show. That's next weekend so better get my A into G if I wanna do it.
Had to work again last night (usually only do 2 shifts a week, doing 3 this week). Had to mop the Gym Floor. Only did half and you should see the blisters on my hands! Did I mention, I really hate this job!!
Took Halle to the Doctors yesterday for her 1 year vaccinations. OMG, she was distraught. Much more than Tyla was when she got hers. 10 minutes later she was still heaving and crying - was like she was asking me why I let that man hurt her? I felt awful! She had very sore legs all last night and today too. And she is teething again, so lots of dribble and runny nose.
Have got our netball wind-up tomorrow night. Looking forward to that, should be a good night.
Also had some not so good news this week - my Nan (who is 92) ended up in hospital. She has a lot of problems with circulation (never been a smoker, but lived with a smoker most of her life - might as well have smoked herself)! and also with fluid around her heart. She was in hospital for a week and has had to go to stay at my Aunty's for the next 2 weeks. Will drive both of them crazy, so hopefully Nan will be well enough to go home soon. I will try and get to visit them during the week, but is about 200kms away, so gotta see how the money goes.
So, that pretty much sums up my week. Oh, except for the HUGE Power Bill and the very nasty, totally unexpected ATO Bill!! Not happy Jan! Money is stressing me out, but what else is new??
Has been a fabulous week weather wise! Glorious today - predicted top of 27, but I reckon it got hotter than that. Windy tomorrow tho. Hopefully more rain coming our way, otherwise the winds are gonna play havoc with the crops.
So, hope everyone has had a good week, hope u have an even better weekend - I'm off to finish the LO I started last week.
Oh, and one more, just because I can...............Mum and her sisters at her first wedding in 1967!

TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Test Your Colour IQ

Follow this link and have a go!
I got 0 on my first and only go - perfect score, not going to do it again!! LOL!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Some Scrapping

A couple of pages from us.
This is mine, another page for Mum's album. Completed for a challenge on the E2C Blog -Look right>>>> for the link - some great work on this blog, worth the time to check it out. All the photos on here were taken this year. I will be adding some words to the bottom Left hand side when I get some Carolee Mini Alphas. Feels a bit unfinished to me, but the photos are so busy, didn't want to overcrowd it. What do you think? Only my 3rd ever Double LO - they are a whole different way of scrapping!
And a page from Tyla - completed today. From her Kindy Mini Olympics Day.