Friday, September 19, 2008

Here It Is............

Yaaayy! (Insert Trumpet Fanfare here.............)LOL! Finally this page is completed! This has taken me all week, I dread to think how many actual hours of work. Saw an idea in a book that I really liked, and thought "Yep, I can do that............."! Mmmm - well, didn't work like the book said it would, so had to redesign it myself! Lots of trial and error, but have finally found a way to make it work.
This is my brother David - a life in photos. Total of 23 photos with a space left to add a couple more when I find the right pics. There is a pull tab for each page (in the middle of the LO) - when this is pulled the 4 tag/page thingys flip up to show more photos. This was the hard bit - ended up using a plastic milk bottle to make the hinges. Very happy with how this has turned out.............what do you all think??
(Don't Worry) Be Happy
page 1
page 2flip-ups on page one, with the pull tab on the right.

Flip-up's page 2 - space underneath the right hand flip for extra photos. Still need to add more ribbon when the photos are added. Pull tab on the left.

Hinge detail.

Fish Embellishments.

You can see why it has taken me so long!

We have our local show tomorrow. Tyla is really looking forward to it - wants to see all the farm animals. She entered some things in the craft section - stuff through Kindy and also some scrapbooking. I entered some LO's too. Only 4 categories in the Scrapbooking Section, and only 2 of them were relevant to me. So, 12 LO's in 2 categories! LOL - gotta show off my work somehow! Will let you know how we go!

Thanks for dropping by, and would really love to know what you think of this page.


Anonymous said...

Wow you've been busy Lisa.
These pages look great ! with the milk carton hinges - how clever! - the flips'n'flaps and bits'n'bobs all over, well done, looks really good !
How did you go at the Show with your entries?

sandra said...

OMG Lisa! I can see why it took you so long! This is fantastic.. look at all that hard work...
Great way to have heaps of photos on the one layout..
I admire your perserverance... if it was me it would of ended up against the
well done Lisa

Anonymous said...

That is awesome Lisa. Well worth the wait!! and all of the hours that went into it!
How did you and Tyla go in the show?
Hope you all had a good day
Love Tam

Sar said...

Lisa, this LO is amazing! Well done. Cheers, Sar

:) Tiff said...

geeez Louise!!! u must so proud of this effort.
the details are fantastic.
check the e2c blog really really soon......!!!!!!