Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Weekend

Well, we've had a reasonably quiet weekend. Weather has been awful - very windy and dusty - hayfever is driving me crazy already.
Had our Netball Wind-up on Friday night. Was a good night. Pete and the girls came too, but they left about 10:30 - I stayed and got a lift home with a friend. Had a few drinks - first time since before I was pregnant with Halle! So didn't need too many to be feeling light-headed! LOL! They ran out of Scotch about 11:30 - probably a good thing or I would have been worse for wear the next day. Did lots of dancing and really enjoyed myself.
Had a bit of a sleep-in Saturday morning - about 9:30 probably, after getting home about 2am and getting up to Tyla 3 times during the night. She's having nightmares all the time lately, not sure what to do about it. Any advice?? Had a very slow and lazy morning then had to go to work (Cos I didn't do it Friday night). Pete cooked tea and I spent most of Saturday night on the floor in the lounge room sorting thru photos. Got all of mum's photos sorted into groups, so am making progress.
Slept-in again today - 9ish, I guess. Up with Tyla again 3 or 4 times. Really worrying me, have tried to rule things out that might be causing it, but nothing seems to make any difference. Hopefully she will get past this stage quickly. All she wanted to do this weekend was go on "An Adventure" - she wanted to take us all for a walk around town and have a picnic somewhere - and the weather has just been to disgusting to do it. Spent a lot of time scanning photos and should be doing some scrapping, but can't find the urge just now.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend and all those playing sport had fun.


:) Tiff said...

hiya chick. windy as hell here too. not the dust tho. lots of scuds atm (1.45am)

hmmmm i should be asleep.

does Tyla remember what she is dreaming about or can she try to draw it for you. Anything to help her tell you to so u can help her.
just a thought
seeya on the blogs.

maryanne r said...

hi lisa, yeah crap weather here, and kids have hayfever and asthma etc.had footy at tumby saturday, very windy and warm, just crap, made for a few upsets in some of the games all across the state apparently!!The a grade footy here was a real surprise.
2 of my boys used to suffer from night terrors for a while,so have a look into that and see if thats whats up with Tyla.Not quite the same as an actual nightmare, as they dont actually wake up[even though they may have their eyes open]!used to be quite scary when nick used to have them!!
anyway another very crap day today, still windy but rain too, just had some hail, so good excuse to stay indoors and maybe scrap!!

sandra said...

Hi Lisa
sorry about Tyla's nightmares... Ryan used to have them too... I just consoled him.. and after a while they stopped.. Hopefully this is the case with Tyla too.. poor thing.
Heading up that way next month for Teagans netball trials. All of us going.. Teagan so excited..
I haven't been scrapping much at all either... hopefully soon.