Sunday, September 21, 2008

Show Day.

Our Show Day was a bit different! We went over (literally over the road) about 11am, the Pavillion was still shut cos they hadn't finished judging. We went for a walk down sideshow alley LOL - Tyla had a play on a Jumping Castle and that was it. She was exhausted. She has been sick since Thursday - a Urinary Tract Infection poor kid. She has been on anti-biotics since Friday, but they don't seem to be working yet. On Saturday she put herself to bed about 11:30am and stayed there til 3 - her temperature has been up and down all weekend and she has been complaining about stomach pains. So I think 10 minutes on the Jumping Castle totally blew her out - she was so exhausted and her temp went right back up. We came home and she calmed down and relaxed for a while - went back about 4 and she was ready to go on rides etc, but everything was closing down. So she missed most of the Show. We got 3 showbags for the girls to share, so our lounge room floor is currently covered in lots of disposable, cheap plastic crap!
We did OK with our Scrapping tho - Tyla got a first place for her Kindy Mini Olympics LO and in the 2 categories I entered - Children - I got 1st, 2nd and 3rd - and Celebrations - 1st and 2nd. So we scooped the pool............hehe!! Doesn't mean much to Tyla but I am very proud! Funny tho - the pages I thought were the best, weren't the ones that won. Have no idea who judged them. So Tyla won $2 and for my efforts I won a grand total of..................................$3!! I'll try not to spend it all at once!ROFL!! And I've had a few ideas for trying to start some kind of business up here with scrapping. Will let you all know what, if I go ahead with it.
Will be taking Tyla back to the Doctor tomorrow - she has just woken up with a temperature over 38 and tummy ache. She asked for the fan to be put in her room, so that is now hopefully helping to keep her temp down.
Finally finished sorting thru all the Arno Bay New Years Day stuff that I still had - I have been the secretary for the last 3 1/2 years - and sent that back to Arno with Pete's brother. Now I officially have nothing to do with it! Mmm, what to do New Years Day 2009 now? I know - I'll probably still be working on Mum's birthday present. LOL!
Anyone heading to Ceduna for Oyster Fest on the October Long Weekend?
Hope everybody had a good weekend and life is treating you fairly.
Hugs to all.


maryanne r said...

hi lisa,wow, what a great job on your brothers photos, so much work and effort, must of taken ages!!!Im too lazy to have done anything like that!!you are much more dedicated to scrapping than I am. sorry to hear your little one isnt well, poor thing!!horrible when theyre not well, and you cant make them better! hoping shes better soon!! and thanx for your comments on my blog, you, tiff, and sandra are my regular bloggers and I love reading your comments!!
and big congrats on your winning and the prize money!![did you chack out the shabby lock girls at he show?]

sandra said...

I hope Tyla is gets better soon...
It seems that all the regular bloggers or their kids have been suffering a lot of sicknesses and ailments lately.. I hope its just a passing phase.
Congratulations on your and Tyla's achievements at the show.
hmmmm interesting tidbit about you starting your own little scrapping shop up there... sounds like a great idea... (has got to be better than cleaning!)
can't wait to hear more.

tracey said...

hey there lisa - love your layout on the last post - sorry to hear taylah has been unwell... my miss used to frequently have this happen with the infections - we found out it was bubble bath that gave it to her... as soon as i bought soap free stuff she came good - and we have not had a problem since.. I bet you are glad to put your volunteer stuff away now ... it can become too much when we are working... chat soon - have a fun week

:) Tiff said...

check out being a scrapanalia rep. The chick that does it here as a lot of the latest products and we call upon her for our stash stuff all the time.