Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hi Everybody.............
Tyla is feeling much better now - after a new prescription for the right anti-biotics, she is almost back to her normal self. And sleeping better too. She is at kindy today - last day for the term - had to send her in thongs cos her sandals don't fit anymore and it is too warm for sneakers. And, one of the joys of living in a small country town - can't get shoes here anywhere for her!! Not happy - we won't be going anywhere to do shopping in the near future so will have to see if I can find some online for her. And that is difficult trying to get the right sizes.
I have been trying to get paper for my printer - you would think that was an easy task, but NO...................I have an Epson Printer so stick to Epson inks and papers and am happy with the results. Nowhere in town keeps the inks, but I can order them thru the Post Office. And have always previously (where we used to live) bought the paper from the PO too. So phoned them to order some, and they can't get it anymore!! For some strange reason it has been removed from their stocklists! I have to ask Why?? Why sell the inks if the paper is unavailable? There is one other place in town who may stock it, so phoned them, and no!! Not happy cos I was completely out and didn't realise it would be so difficult to replace. So I spent about 2 hours trawling the internet to find somewhere that didn't charge an arm and leg for postage. Finally found a place "AIM Digital Imaging". Their prices are great and the postage wasn't too OTP. I ordered a full set of inks and 3 packs of paper, and even including the postage and insurance, it worked out cheaper than I have paid before. And, I ordered it Sunday and it arrived yesterday.......that is awesome for where we live. So, I would recommend having a look at this site......I am happy!
Oops - Halle has just demolished the Duplo Block Castle Tyla and I built yesterday - I better rebuild it before she gets home from Kindy, or she will be very cross!!
Awful weather here today - foul North winds - started about 4am, I know this cos that's when my nose started running and my eyes started itching! Out with the Claratyne!
I have another page completed for my current project..................this is our family dog when I was a kid.........Lucky - a little dog with a big personality. He ruled our house and our street!! I really had to hunt to find any decent photos of him - didn't take a lot of pics back then.
So, here he is:
Please excuse the bad scanning....I'm not very good at stitching the scanned images, so there is a slight shadow and a bit missing off the bottom RHS. My scanner doesn't do full 12" so is missing about 1/2 cm all the way around the LO.
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maryanne r said...

hi lisa, double commenting here, as just been on e2c blog, but love this LO, so cute, just brings back so many childhood memories hey?
so happy you got into the retreat, will be good to have a few familiar faces there![I didnt go last year].And glad I read your blog, because I have a epson printer too, and just about out of ink, normally get new ones in lincoln, but often forget to, and the same with the paper, would like to buy big packs so dont run out.glad to hear tylas feeling better too.

sandra said...

I'm double commenting too!
great page Lisa..
both you and Maryanne have inspired me to try and find some photos of my childhood best friends...hopefully I can find them.

Cassandra said...

Hi Lisa,
Glad things are getting back on track. With the Epson paper I use a matt one and get mine from Rural systems in Lock I think they stock inks aswell, but sounds like you worked that one out. With Tylas shoe need the man at Tasman shoes his names Shane. Has told me he's aware of how hard it is for us in the country to get shoe shopping with kids especially when there at school, anyway he supplies a shop in Cleve and it costs them nothing then they get 20% from sales. Spoke to him about 3 months ago tryed to get an outlet in Lock to supply but they have'nt yet. So if you could find someone in Wudinna to put them maybe worth looking into. Sorry about long post.

sandra said...

I know Shane as well.. great bloke.. He will help you anyway you can..
Maybe you could open a scrapping/shoe shop...??

Anonymous said...

When we were kids Mum would trace around our feet and then didn't have to take us shopping! So if you do that and send it to me with a description of what you want I am happy to go shoe shopping for you. We are heading to Adelaide for the long weekend so could do it then. let me know.
I like your LO - you are steaming ahead with this book!
I'm over this hayfever weather, I love the sun but not the sneezing/itching!
Love Tam