Monday, March 15, 2010

Back into it... rest for the wicked, so they say. Life is once again in the hectic phase, with Uni taking over my life again. Doing 3 units in an attempt to 'get ahead' and have a quieter Christmas time re study. Just means I have lots to do :) Am about on track, just have a lot of work to do before E2C Retreat in about 10 days. 3 Assignments to have completed, one not too big, 2 HUGE ones. Gotta love a challenge. I do have a couple of days after the retreat til they are due, but they are TOO big to get done in 2 days, so beforehand it is.
One a lighter note, my sister, who does not like scrapbooking at all...thinks it's a huge waste of time, actually was very impressed with the LO I did of her baby Anabelle (see earlier post) and would like it framed to go on Anabelle's bedroom wall. Was very surprised. So now to find a nice frame to put it in. Anyone got any suggestions? I know KMart sometimes have them, but I got one from there before Christmas and the LO's don't fit properly, very annoyed.
Anyway, will see lots of you lovely people at the retreat soon...I am really looking forward to it...odds are on that I will have a totally sleepless night before this year's too! mmm....


miasmummy said...

Lisa, I have bought frames too but all the LO's have needed to be trimmed... it's a bummer!! C U soon!! yip yipee!!

sandra said...

Wow Lisa you are a busy girl!
and yay at your sister finally appreciating scrapbooking...but with that beautiful layout it's easy to see why ;)
Not long to the retreat..yay! Don't burn yourself out burning the midnight oil! Don't want to have to kick you awake as you sit there with your head in your hands dozing, drooling.(lol at THAT visual!!I'll bring the kleenex)

Susan said...

If you know a Creative Memories consultant, they did have some lovely magnetic frame boxes for displaying layouts. I have one and I constantly change the display - I usually show off my most recent layout with it.

All the best with the studies. It isn't easy but it is worth it I think :)