Sunday, February 21, 2010

How much would you pay?

OK, any scrappers out there who still drop by here occasionally. I am thinking about running scrapbooking classes once a month or so, depending on demand. My question is: How much would you pay to go to a class? I would provide kits for each person, so that cost would be on top of the classcost, IYKWIM. Any ideas or feedback on this welcome.

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Susan said...

It's hard to put a price on things, isn't it? When I was in Creative Memories I was only allowed to charge $5 per class, and the materials people bought were on top of that. It allowed me to provide morning or afternoon tea for them. That way, people were able to spend their money on scrappin' materials rather than the class itself, which worked out fine all around.

The only other classes I have attended have been online and they tend to be around the $15 mark, but I provided my own materials.