Saturday, August 16, 2008

We Lost :-(

Oh well, we lost by 4 today. That's it, all over red rover! We are now out for the year. The opposition were very rough and it wasn't controlled at all by the umpires. The idea of a good umpire, is they pick up the First Infringement, not the second or third. And our goalies were shooting at about 50%. Very poor effort, by this time of year, their accuracy should be a lot better. But that's the way it's been all year. So mostly over, 'cept we are hosting a final in 2 weeks time, so will be all hands on deck to organise that and work on the day, and hopefully I will get at least one umpiring job for the finals.
Has been mostly a good season of netball, we did well to get to third position. And has really helped shift the post-baby blubber! Nearly back to my old self. What to do over summer now for fitness?? Not a fan of basketball, specially in 40 Degree heat, and absolutely hopeless at tennis! We will see what happens.
Pete took the girls to a 4yo birthday party today. Hehe, the girls had fun.
My sinus infection seems to be better today (or I wouldn't have played).
Peter is going for a drive tomorrow (about 300km round trip) to do an inspection on our house as the tenants moved out this week and the new tenant moves in tomorrow. Apparantly the yard is a mess with lots of weeds. An ongoing problem I know, but the tenant should have cleared it all before they moved out. Not sure what to do about that - Peter will spray them tomorrow. The new tenant is Peter's brother, and he isn't paying a bond, so I'm sure he won't mind cleaning up when the weeds are all dead. But not his problem, so I guess the cost of the Weed Killer etc should come out of the previous tenants bond. What does everyone think?? I'm not good with stuff like this - a bit soft!! LOL!
Anyway, haven't done much scrapping cos I need more PP's - haven't got what I need for the doubles I need to do, and waiting on something I have ordered to continue with one already started. Will print out some pics tonight for some single pages and see how I go. Need to finish my recipe cards for a swap on SM. That can be tomorrows job, not in the mood for it tonight.
Hope everyone has a superb sunday! Hopefully I will get a small sleepin!! LOL!


Binxcat1 said...

hey ya chickie... oh well, as they say in the trade... there's always NEXT year! Little consolation I know, esp when u have crappy umps! LOL ;)

Hope you are feeling much better 2moro.

Thanks for stopping by my blog too btw.

sandra said...

sorry you lost Lisa..
maybe go bike riding for exercise?? (don't forget your camera!
great to see that the girls had a great time at the party.
And sorry no idea about the tenant problem... tenancy tribunal might help with some answers though.
You once asked if I have a blog... well now I do! Not much to rave about, but its a great way for my family overseas to see what we're up to!

sandra said...

Hello again Lisa
thanxs for your nice comments on my blog...
I hope you don't mind that I linked your blog as one of my fave blogs.. let me know if you do.
Yes we do get together everynow and then On a Friday night... Tiff organises them at the 5 loaves bakery here in town.. about once a month. Would be great to meet you!
Make sure you bring your albums!!!