Friday, August 15, 2008

Not a Good Day.

I had a very bad night last night - went to bed early cos I am sick, but woke up about 2:30 with awful pain in my sinuses and head! Was awake til after 5, could not get back to sleep and could not get rid of headache or pain. Took some panadol knowing full well that wouldn't help a bit!
So, have been to the Doctor's today, I have a Sinus Infection (mmm, I think I knew that) and am now on anti-biotics.
While we were at the Doctor's Surgery, in the waiting room - Tyla and Halle are playing with the toys from the toybox. Halle is crawling about on the floor - a small room so they were both within my sight all the time. Halle crawled up to me, then pulled herself up on the table near where I was sitting, happy, then suddenly started crying! A real high cry like she had hurt herself. I picked her up, just as the doctor came to get me, and couldn't work out what was wrong, then realised she had something in her mouth. Would you believe, she had a B&%$#@ Drawing Pin in her mouth!! OMG, I freaked out. She must have picked it up off the floor or taken it off one of the notice boards. I didn't see her go anywhere near the noticeboards, so am thinking it must have been on the floor! Thank goodness she pricked her mouth with it, or who knows what might have happened. I get all cold and shivery thinking she may have swallowed it! That is just too scary to contemplate! And then I get upset because I didn't notice she had put something in her mouth! And I was with her and watching her the whole time. Things can happen so quickly!
I still feel yuck! S'posed to be playing netball tomorrow, and I don't want to miss out. Will see how I feel in the morning. Tyla is going to a birthday party, so Peter will have to take her! Haha! Her first party invitation since we have moved here, she is very happy about that!

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sandra said...

sorry to hear you are feeling so miserable.. hope you are better soon!
Don't beat yourself up about the !@@#$%#%^(lol)drawing pin incident...
can happen to anyone..
And YAY for Tyla! So cool getting an invitation.. hope she has a ball!
Take care of yourself chook and get better soon!
ps Next time you come down this way let us know (prob Tiff best) and we could get together and have a coffee at the bakery.. would be great to meet you irl.