Sunday, August 17, 2008


......if I sounded like a sore loser!! I'm not really!! Being an umpire myself, bad umpiring always makes me mad, but as a player, you just have to accept whatever umpires you have. Without them we don't have a game, so I apologise if I offended anyone! :-) And I'm not really upset that we didn't win anyway - it was a fun season and I got to meet lots of great new people.
Had a very lazy day today - still feeling yuck, and cold here again. Lots of things I should be doing but finding it hard to get the motivation. Never mind, tomorrow I will feel better! Yep, I will! :-)


sandra said...

'at a girl!!! yes you WILL feel better tomorrow! lol
and I don't think you're a sore loser at all.. it's natural to feel disappointed... and also natural to blame the umpires ;)

sandra said...

thanks for the link Lisa :)
Will let Tiff know about your interest.. she'll be over the moon!
(she emails everyone the what where and whens)
off to bed now.. I think I've overdosed on fresh air!!!lol

:) Tiff said...

HI Lisa. got the message from Sandra. hope your stuffy head feels better.
I would love to have you stay here on 5 loaves night. spare queen bed all to your self.
sept 5th
not yet confirmed.
will put you on my email list.
cheers chicky.

parkergal17 said...

Gorgeous layout and such a beautiful photo.

Hope you are feeling better.