Monday, August 18, 2008

First One!

This is the first completed page for Mum's Birthday Album. Yaay!! LOL, it's not totally finished tho, waiting on Nan to come up with some journalling, which will go on a tag behind the photo, and will put some words under the ribbon on the LHS, depending on what Nan journals. Happy with this - love the photo, one of my faves.
Had an interesting morning - woke up to no hot water!! So have phoned the Landlord and hopefully will get an electrician here very soon. Peter is really sick, so is home from work today, so he had pots and kettles going to get hot water so I could have a bath this morning! He knows how grumpy I get if I can't wash my hair!! LOL ;-) He's got a Doctors appointment this arvo. Healthy bunch aren't we?


sandra said...

love those colours Lisa.. great start to the album... your mum is so lucky.. she's going to love it!
What a great idea to get Nan to do some journalling!
I am doing an album about my kids grandparents (on dh side) and leaving the tags all blank,so my mother in law can do the journalling.. that way its from her and also the places, face and dates will be correct.
Love those flowers and ribbon.. you are so clever..(can't wait to see your work irl!)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better chooky!
I am off to Canberra on a school camp in an hour! Looking forward to being there, not looking forward to the 17+ hour trip in the bus with over excited teenagers!! lol the things teachers do for them!
The page for your Mum looks awesome!
Love and hugs