Monday, August 11, 2008

Camera Club Pics

We have 2 categories each month and an open category.
Category 1: Mums
This is Pete's sister and her 3 boys, taken about 3 weeks ago.
This is my Mum and my Nan.
Taken at Nan's 80th birthday, 12 years ago (yes, she is still with us).
This is Peter's Mum and her kids and some of the Grandkids, taken in Feb '05.

Category 2: Clouds


The Wiggles - taken at their December Concert in Adelaide.

Mohan - taken at Dream World in March '07.

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tracey said...

thanks for popping in to the blog lisa, i really appreciate your kind words....

hows that pic of the tiger poking!

and i thinks the one in your post before of your little babe raiding the cupboard with the not me look is soooo cute...

talk again soon ... enjoy your weekend.