Thursday, August 7, 2008

What a Day! :-)

We have had a fantastic day!!
Well, didn't start off to good actually, Tyla wet her bed during the night (hasn't done that for about 5 months - I think she was so tired couldn't wake up to go)! But that aside.........cold but lovely day, no wind and the sun was shining, so walked Tyla to Kindy - Halle just loves going for walks in the pram - she was all rugged up. Then went to the PO and the newsagency - bought the new SC and my Sub for SM was waiting for me. And no bills, Yaay! Then went to the Bakery with a friend for coffee and morning tea. Home for Halle to have a sleep then to the park with the kindy kids. Today they were having a "Mud Puddle Picnic". Started off at the local playground, had a picnic lunch, then moved to the biggest puddle in town (probably about 20 metres long i reckon and quite deep) and they all spent the next hour playing in the mud. And I mean PLAYING in the mud - they were running, jumping, diving, belly-flopping, sitting, squelching, posing for photos ................OMG they had so much FUN!! They were drenched from head to toe, clothes absolutely trashed and covered in mud. And they were all grinning from ear to ear! Time to go, we dried them off as well as we could with a handful of towels, stripped wet jumpers off them and hurried them back to the kindy - about 10 minutes walk for littlies probably. My jumper came off and went around a little girl who was shivering and teeth chattering, my scarf went to another girl, Halle's blanket was wrapped around someone else..........Back to the kindy, quick cleanup and change of clothes (Only one mum forgot to send clean clothes which is not bad - and the kindy have spare clothes on hand) washed their faces and you wouldn't have known any different!
Add to that, they had already been for a walk to the dentist (about 4 blocks from the kindy) and to the library, they were all totally worn out.............Tyla was so tired walking home, almost to crawling pace..........but she had the best time and I had a huge time just watching them and taking photos...........was so much fun! I spent about 45 minutes this arvo trying to rinse mud out of clothes........have got them all soaking atm - Tyla's white singlet is almost white again - gotta love sard's wonder soap!!
I can't put any pics up at the moment, cos I have used up my Mb allowance for the month.. Roll on Sunday............Will put some up then, but won't be many cos of the other kids in the pics.........will try to find some of just Tyla................Halle sat in the pram and watched them - totally in awe I think. Was a bit cold too let her get in there too.
Oh and I still found time to have a quick flick thru the scrapping mags.......

4 comments: said...

Ohhhh sounds like a wonderful day!!!! How fun!!! Can't wait to see the pics!

Binxcat1 said...

OH WOW! Good for you! I am so impressed you all let your kids have some good old fashioned fun like that... it seems more and more things like this are being stopped because "oh someone might get hurt" and "oh no the insurance wouldn't cover us"... you guys are TOTALLY BRILLIANT parents! You guys should be on the news! Tell those cotton ballers out there how bringing up kids SHOULD be done! This is the type of thing OUR kids are missing out on and then the authorities all wonder why the next generation of kids have so many "issues"!

sandra said...

great post Lisa for a great day!
can't wait to see the photos you took..

Nicole said...

My kids love doing the same thing.

Honestly the only clothes they have that are still clean are the ones they wear when we go shopping.

Grease, mud, dirt, whatever they find they like to play in.

Can't wait for the pics. Sounds like they got down and dirty.