Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yaay, some more scrapping!

This is my LO for the Free PP (Patterned Paper) Challenge from the SM (Scrapbooking Memories) Forum. Really love the paper, altho didn't end up using much of it on the LO. The heart was cut from the PP, and jazzed up quite a bit. The journalling in the heart is a rub-on. The Chipboard word Sisters, is actually stamped Orange (believe it or not)! Then I embossed it - not quite what I wanted but it seems to match OK. I had fun with this page - No 2 for Halle's album! Inspired by a LO from the lovely RIH2002!
And this page was done by my DD Tyla 4 years old! Her first proper scrapbook page. She did most of it herself - I punched the flowers and threaded the beads on the rings. She is very proud of her creation! So am I!! Hehe. She is itching to do another one now. Had the camera club meeting today. I'm very pleased with my efforts from the last challenges. Out of 3 Categories, I received 2 First places and a Merit. Woohoo, great start!!
Rock Formations - 1st Place
Patterns - 1st Place And I keep forgetting to do this - I did crop the car out of the pic I submitted, so this isn't quite the exact picture that won!
Can't put my merit pic up cos that is from film and haven't scanned the neg yet.
Have Submitted for Child Studies and the open Category. Local Topic (judged internally) is Mums, so need to think about that topic! Have another month to work that out.
My Mum and Dad are here with us atm. Got here in time for tea, and are staying the night. Tomorrow they will watch the girls for me while I go to work for the day. (I only work 4 1/4 hours per week, cleaning the school cos I am actually on maternity leave). It's school hols so the clean is meant to be a bit more detailled. Tyla is really looking forward to it, cos they are planning to make Gingerbread Men. Will have to give my Camera to my Dad. Not to Mum, cos she is the worst photographer I've seen!! No Offense Mum!! LOL
If you've read this far, Thank-you!! Please leave a comment and say HI!


Anonymous said...

Awesome work - it is soo nice to get back to scrapping after not being able to for so long hey?
Was great to catch up with you on the weekend!
Hope the cleaning goes well and Tayla has an excellent time with her grandparents! Also tell that she has done a great LO!
Love Tam

Gypsysangel said...

That is awesome Lisa, your pics are fantastic.

sandra said...

great pages Lisa... well done Tyla!
your challenge page is wonderful... and the title works well too...
congrats on your photography prizes.. well deserved too.. looking at those pics...
(your photography talent must come from your fathers side then? he he)
can't wait to see what else you come up with!

sandra said...

Is your profile correct??
It says that you are 40!
GIRL you sure don't look it!!

Lisa said...

Thanks Tam, Gypsy and Sandra! yes, it feels great to be scrapping again and am really enjoying the Camera Club so far - just makes me want to update my Camera now!! LOL - one day! And yes Sandra, I am 40!! That pic was taken Christmas time 2006. Thanks for the lovely compliment.