Sunday, July 6, 2008

Interesting Week

Has been an interesting and Busy week.........
Netball practice on thursday night - gets frustrating on the weeks we don't have a game, cos out of 4 teams, we only had enough people at practice to field 2 teams!! Very annoying. So, of course everybody goes a bit silly and likes to play in different positions, so, was a waste of time really!! Oh well it's good exercise and helping me shed the baby blubber! I'm thinking about all my clothes in the wardrobe that I WILL get back into!
Haven't done any scrapping for a few days because I had to umpire at the Pedlar Cup (Under 15 Carnival) on Saturday. That meant no scrapping cos I needed to have some early nights with decent sleep or I would never make it through the day!! Was a very early start and was very Cold and Windy! Thankfully it didn't rain tho. The standard of play was fantastic and I really enjoyed the day. Ended up doing a Final too, so was pretty stoked about that! :-) Felt a bit strange, having lived in a few places on Eyre Peninsula, knew people from lots of different Associations - was great to catch up with them! And I bet I was the only umpire there who had to express Breast Milk during the day........ROFL!! I thought that was funny, anyway! Hehe. Totally worn out when I got home last night. Peter was fabulous - looked after the girls and had tea ready for us all too. Tyla helped a lot too, helping to look after Halle and playing with her. This was the longest I have been away from Halle since she was born, so was a big step for both of us. And, don't think badly of me, but I LOVED IT!!
A good friend from the SM Forum was visiting her family near where I was umpiring, so she dragged her hubby along to come and see me! That was fabulous, thanks Tambear,was great to catch up with you again and to meet your man! Looking forward to next holidays! :-)
And more netball stuff today - did the Umpire's Exam for Players. Only took about an hour and hopefully will improve on my score from last time I did it.
Had a bit of a sleep-in today - 9am!
Oh and Great News!! Halle has slept through the last 2 nights! Didn't wake up for her 2am feed! I think we've worked out to give her lots of food at night before bed........She is a real Miss Piggy atm, eats more than her 4 year old sister. And a lot faster too...........
It's raining atm, which is fantastic. It's been so dry here, the farmers must be really starting to worry, so this rain is very welcome. Let's hope there is more following.
Tyla had a friend over to visit for a few hours today, absolutely Trashed her bedroom. LOL, but they had fun.

1. The Winner can take the logo
2. Place a link to the person that sent you the award.
3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Scrapbooking-Blogs, which by it's currency, the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy.
4. Put a link to these sites on your blog.
5. Write a comment on their blogs that they've won an Award.
Well, I have to say that I was really surprised to see that Ali nominated me!! My blog has been going for such a short time, with only 1 LO on it, and I think my day to day life is fairly boring really...............LOL, so I guess you never can tell!! THANKS ALI!! MWAH! Oh, and I just LOVE the gorgeous photo u have as your header Ali - Awesome.
Really hard to pick 7 people to nominate, cos most of my faves have just been picked!! So if you're not here, it's only cos I was trying really hard to pick different Blogs!
My nominations are (in no particular order):
Tiff found me on the SM Forum. We don't live to far from each other (well, relatively speaking that is)! Only about 1 1/2 hours! Hehe. So, you never know, one day we might catch up with each other IRL! Love this Blog - very real with some fab links on it! Check it out ladies!
Just love this ladies work!! A great inspiration for me, her talent and motivation leaves me holding my breath. Haven't chatted to her for ages, so, just letting you know, I miss you and hope you and your famiily are going well!
Another fave blog for me. Love this ladies work too and really enjoy reading her blog. some great links here too.
An amazing young lady with a wealth of talent. An inspiration to all of us! Love your work Ruby.
A great blog - honest and real. Great talent and an amazing spirit! Lots of fab links also.
Some fab links with competitions and courses. And of course, awesome LO's.
Another great Blog with some awesome work on display and lots of cool links to check out.
I am planning to scrap tonight - have a photo frame to alter and have the photo and cardstock ready for one of the Challenge's on SM Forum. And a couple of other challenges that I really wanna participate in..........check out the links if you are interested. Found an awesome Blog (thanks Tiff) with some amazing ladies and work displayed......check out escape2create!


Ruby Claire. said...

Aww thankyou for this award!!! xx
i received this award about 2 or 3 posts ago on my blog! Thankyou!!
You rock !

sandra said...

Hello again Lisa
I am enjoying coming in and seeing what you've been upto... not boring at all!
Can't wait to see what you're going to scrap if the layouts and photography I have seen so far are anything to go by!

Ruby Claire. said...

Aww Thankyou!

:) Tiff said...

LISA u lovely thing. Thanks for the award. I have never heard of it till now but will pass on to worthy receipants. Would love to catch you irl. I wonder if we could hook up at Shabby Chic Shack on one of their nights. Its about 50 mins from here depending on how many roos. Will be after school holidays. What about putting a pic of yourself on the right coloum on your blog. I still reckon I may know you???

Gypsyangel said...

Wow, awesome. Thankyou so much.


parkergal17 said...

Thank you for my award!! Here I thought I didn't have much of a following so it is a lovely surprise.

:) Tiff said...

bummer about the ink supply. I always have a second set in the drawer so I never get caught out. hint hint. so do u have rellies in Edillilie???