Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some Scrapping

I'm so pleased, finally I have done some scrapping!!! Yaaah and Yippee!!! I have completed a LO for a friend from SM (but don't want to put it up here until I have her permission) and also completed my first page of Halle! That's shocking, isn't it - she is 10 months old! Anyway, here it is - a bit old fashioned, but I like it!
I designed and printed the transparency myself, but only have an A4 printer. There is a join, which is very noticable in the pic, but IRL can't see it much at all. And don't mind the shadows - only time all day we had sunlight!

Halle is over her illness/rash thing that she had. Finally back to her normal self, so good to see her happy and laughing again. She has been sleeping very well too - the last 3 nights she has stayed in the cot all night!! Still waking up for a feed, but happy to go back in the cot. That is a huge breakthrough, I really hope it continues. And she is becoming more confident with standing - letting go of things with both hands now.

Tyla's kindy report was very good. Her confidence has grown a lot this term, she is participating and playing and has started to develop some good friends. One more day to go, then holidays for 2 weeks. She really is such an amazing child, I forget that she is only 4. We made scones today, she was mixing the batter, kneading the dough and cutting the scones. Loves being in the kitchen. Always helps get the vegies for tea and usually sets the table too. Her and Halle are getting on very well at the moment. So lovely to hear them playing and laughing together.

We lost our netball on Saturday - by 4 goals. We had the play but our goalies were rattled and had lots of misses. Only 5 more games 'til finals start. I think we are about 3rd on the ladder. No netball this weekend, it is Pedlar Cup. I will be umpiring, gotta be there at 8:50am (OMG) and think I do 5 games during the day. (Only 1/2 hour games, thank goodness)! Peter will stay home with the girls, too long a day for them, specially if it rains. There is a scrapbook shop there, but won't have the time to go look.........

Camera Club meets again next Tuesday. These are my pics for the Patterns Category.
Oops, this one does have the car cropped out of it.

The other category is Child Studies!! How hard is it going to be to pick 3 photos for that? Have narrowed the selection down to about 12 pics...........And also the Open Category. Not sure what to submit for that yet either.

Received my order from Snapfish - have now got some photos of Halle in frames, hooray! And only 2 years behind in photos for the albums! And that is not even thinking about the Scrap Albums! Can't buy ink for my Printer anywhere locally, so will have to find somewhere online to get it. Tyla watched Better Homes and Gardens the other night - so we spent part of sunday making a Hot Water Bottle Cover! Haha, how funny are kids!?

Found out that insurance isn't going to cover the broken oven at our house! Very annoying. And, found out tonight that our tenants may be leaving when the lease runs out after all! Not happy, only spoke to her 2 weeks ago and all was fine. Hopefully know by Friday what is going on. We have a couple of other people interested, so fingers crossed the house won't be empty for too long.

My additional 12 months Maternity Leave has been approved. That means no returning to ANZ until 2 August 2009.

Thanks for dropping in, and I'll be back again soon, hopefully with some more scrapping to show.


:) Tiff said...

Hi Lisa. Found you on SM forum. I'm also on EP. Do u play netball for Lock. I reckon we know each other. Need a pic of you on your blog so I can work it out for sure.
blog me

maryanne said...

hi lisa, just checkin out your blog, as seen u on escape2create blog! wowsers LOVE your photos they are gorgeous!
anyway sure we will be seeing more of you!

miasmummy said...

Hey Lisa, check my blog out, I've given you an award!!! xxx

sandra said...

Hi Lisa
great blog. Love your layout! Those flowers are gorgeous.
You have two beautiful daughters, looking forward to learning more about you and your family and seeing more of your work!
Hope you are enjoying life on the EP..