Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Week So Far

It's been an interesting week so far.......LOL..........let me see!! Peter tried to kill a big spider on the wall in the dining room over the weekend, it fell off the wall and disappeared - we looked everywhere and couldn't find it! On Monday Tyla was playing with her playdough at her table (right under where the spider was), stuck her hand in the bucket with all the accessories in it and SCREAMED and leapt accross the room! Yep, you guessed it - the spider was in the bucket, even though Peter had emptied it and looked all through for it! Tyla was very freaked about it, so I sprayed the inside and put the lid on and let the poor spider die (very slowly I am sad to say). Then we looked on the internet to find out what kind of spider it was - a banded huntsman. Tyla then said to me "I'm alright now, I know what it is"! LOL, that was very funny.........anyway, one dead spider and a very clean bucket of playdough accessories!
We were getting ready for tea Monday night and I asked Tyla to put her shoes in her bedroom. "No, I don't want to", was her reply (as usual). So I said "I don't want to cook tea and do the dishes and wash and fold the clothes either, but I still do it"! Quick as a flash and a very straight face, she said to me "Don't worry Mum, Dad can do it"! ROFL, Peter and I cracked up!! Our daughter already has a clear vision of men helping with the housework!!
Tuesday morning about 3:30 Halle woke up (about 2 hours later than usual) with a raging temperature - her head was burning up! I cooled her down and put her back to bed, but she kept waking every half hour or so. Gave her Panadol throughout the day. After I picked Tyla up from Kindy, took Halle's temp again and it was over 40 degrees!! Then I looked and noticed a red spotty rash all over her body. Took her to the hospital and the Dr checked her out. No infections or anything he could see - the rash isn't the kind to be worried about, she has a virus! Isn't that what they always say when they have no idea what is going on?? Anyway, I din't work last night cos she was very sooky and wouldn't go to anyone but me. She had another very bad night, but is much better today. Still got the rash but normal temp and is eating again.
Oh, and today, she crawled down steps for the first time! She was very proud about that! She was very happy crawling around outside at kindy (we had a meeting) until a little boy poured dirt all over her! LOL she wasn't too impressed with that.
AND AND AND, last night I printed off a photo from a friend on the SM Forum that I am going to scrap for her, picked out the papers and accessories and am planning to scrap it tonight!! Ya-ay!! I might actaully have some scrapping to show off soon!
Patiently waiting for my new SM Mag to arrive in the mail and also waiting on a big photo order from Snapfish. About 500 pics, so Tyla and I will have fun putting them in the albums. Found out today that Insurance won't cover the replacement of the Oven at our house (where we used to live that we now rent out), so have to work out what we are going to do about that, cos we cannot afford a new oven. Damn Insurance...........But can't expect our tennants to live without an oven either.
And that's about it so far this week!! If you've read this far, thanks! :-)

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