Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Made It...............

Friday 20th June 2008
Well, I made it this far, so will keep going! My own BLOG, whatever will happen next!! Now I just have to make sure I stay reasonably up-to-date with it! the first thing I need to do, is get a decent pic of myself.....funny thing that, cos I'm always the one with the camera.
So, this blog is going to be about my family and our lives and hopefully also a place to show off my scrapbooking and my photography. All a work in progress...........LOL! And that means that I better actually start some scrapping, and very soon. A friend is visiting on Wednesday night while DH is at Darts and we are planning to do some scrapping. Woohoo, my first crop night in our new town and new house!
We moved here at the end of January, so we are still settling in and making friends. Tyla is at Kindy and loving it, so she has probably settled in faster than any of us. Halle is too little to care atm LOL! As long as she has Mum and Dad, she's happy (well, most of the time)! The smile on her face when I walk in the door is awesome, it just melts my heart.
Playing netball tomorrow, after a couple of weeks off. Hopefully we will do alright, we won against this team last time we played them. I'm playing GA, for the first time in about 6 years, really looking forward to it! Only playing tomorrow - no cooking for the club kitchen, or scoring, or timekeeping, or umpiring, Just Playing. That is so rare, usually got at least 2 other jobs to do, will be GREAT to be able to watch some of the other games.
So, now I say goodnite. Thanks for visiting and call in again one day!

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