Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lovely Day

We have had a lovely day today! I slept in 'til 10am!! Thanks Peter for organising the girls so that could happen! The weather was great so we had a barby in the back yard and the girls played on the swings and Tyla did some gardening with her dad.
Both sets of Grandparents phoned today, was lovely to hear from them. When they asked Tyla what her dad had been doing today, her reply was "Nothing major"...........LOL, cracked me up.
Have done some more tidying, organising in my craft room, it's amazing how big the room looks, when you can see the floor............ Almost ready to start creating!
Peter hasn't been feeling too great today - was playing with Tyla last night and she managed to knee him in the face, very hard! So, he has a lot of pain in his sinuses and quite a bad headache.
Grey's Anatomy finished tonight. Haven't been too impressed with this season, but the finale was pretty good............made me cry just a little..........


miasmummy said...

YOur life is NOT boring!!! Sounds like a lovely day at home, they are the kind of days I love!! xx

Lisa said...

LOL, thanks miasmummy............we are always busy but rarely anything too exciting. Just living Life, I guess!