Monday, December 1, 2008

Bad Blogger!!!

OMG, I have been a very BAD BLOGGER!! So sorry everybody, and thanks to all who have been dropping by and leaving me messages - we are all fine, just still getting organised from the move and being distracted by things like Christmas............LOL!
We are all moved but still tidying up the pieces - getting the yard sorted and still putting bits and pieces away - my desk still looks like a bomb site cos everything is just getting dumped on here at the moment. Very happy with this house - loads of room and the yard is fabulous - lots of entertaining areas and plenty of room for the girls to play - and for the dog. Haven't taken any photos yet cos I am waiting until everything is tidy!! Mmmm, might have to take the photos in stages! LOL! I will get it done, but as I said - we are a bit distracted atm.
Mostly been distracted by this..............LOL!

This is our Christmas Present to each other - thought about it and thought about it and then it was $200 off normal price, so then decided, bugga it, we are gonna get one!!! So this is to Peter and I from Peter and I!!LOL Money well spent, would definately recommend it to anyone thinking about a spa. Cheap and portable. I ordered it from an online store on Sunday 16th November, was here by the Thursday, we were using it Friday afternoon. Pretty good for living out in the sticks and I couldn't get the chemicals locally either. We have used it everyday so far - and just loving it! Mind you, it's not very relaxing having 2 girls in it with you all the time - Halle is a bit over it now, but Tyla is still really liking it.

And this is sitting in the box waiting for us to get the yard ready to put it up...........A wet Christmas for us this year.

And this is Peter, working his butt off to get the yard ready for it. Hopefully will be up this weekend.We have also been putting up lots of Christmas lights. Will get a photo soon, when my new Tripod (hooray) arrives.

And here are the results from my Christmas Photo 2008 shoot yesterday. My our girls are so different!! LOL As you would expect. Ever since Tyla has been very little, she would pose for the Camera - and still does, she is very photogenic. But, not Halle - oh no - as soon as the camera is pointed her way, she has gotta try to touch it or tries to take off. Very funny - she is so cute! And still very photogenic. So, got a couple of good ones and quite a few funny ones too. Here they are......................

And some more........................just cos I can!

I haven't done any scrapping at all since we moved - just not organised yet and too busy too. So not looking good for Mum's birthday album. Am not stressing about it - it's not gonna be done in time, so will make it for Mother's Day next year instead. I'm still waiting on photo's from just about everyone anyway.

So, once again, thanks everyone for dropping by - I will have some house pics soon. Love to all.


:) Tiff said...
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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos Lisa! What beautiful girls you have!
Ohh, how jealous am I of your wet Christmas!

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Aww how cute are they.. I wish Jay would sit nice like that for me to take some chrissy photo's.. And how lucky are you with a spa and a pool :D xx

sandra said...

woo hoo she's back! lol
missed ya Lisa
Beautiful Xmas photos of the girls.. they are such gorgeous girls.
And no wonder I haven't seen you around the traps lately, you have been reclining and soaking in that 'tub'
Quite understandable .. looks heavenly!
Peter looks quite the handyman.. maybe a photo shoot is in order..sweat, dirt, rippling biceps, you know the kind...ROFL just joking!
WAY past my bedtime and I am rambling .. nighty night..
mwah welcome back Lisa

:) Tiff said...

hiya Lisa.
how heaven on a stick is your tub. oh and the kids 'tub' to come.
you lucky duckys come christmas day. hope its warm to enjoy all the squeals and splashes. Try to keep your camera dry wont ya!!

Michelle Jamieson said...

Gorgeous Christmas photos of your adorable little girls! :)
They are very photogenic!

LOve the spa...I think I want one! LOL

Chelle Xx

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun and enjoying your 'new' house! Have missed you, talk soon
Love Tam

sueat17 said...

Lisa...just adore the photos you have taken of your beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

Sweet photos of your darling little one's Lisa (can't wait to see them scrapped)