Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Lights

Wow, how hard is it to successfully photograph Christmas lights? Thank goodness for digital cameras - I spent about an hour last night taking photos on all different settings - these are the best of the bunch! LOL. Doesn't truly indicate how great the lights look, but gives you the idea. We've had lots of fun putting these up this year - first time we have really made an effort with them - actually spent money on them this year, not just using hand-me-downs from my parents. I think all the accessories cost just as much as the lights - timers, leads, solar spotlights etc. This had better all be packed away PROPERLY and SAFELY after New Year or I am gonna be very p'd off!! LOL.
We don't have any decorations inside the house - just the tree, cos we have put all our energies into the outside - and cos we are on a corner, gave us lots of area to "Light Up".
Anyway, we are really really happy with our end result.
Front of house from across the road - lots of trees in front, so is a bit obscured, but you get the idea.
Side of house.

Front of house from corner of street, looking across the driveway.
In the front yard, looking at carport.

Part of front of house, taken in front yard.

Carport Roof.

And the Blow-Ups during the daytime - when it's not TOO WINDY to have them up, anyway.
So, these are our lights! What do you think? Gotta see them in real life to really get the effect, so this is the best I could manage.
And to top it off, we found out last night, we won a prize for "Best Decorated House"! Not sure what the prize is yet, but considering we didn't even know there was a competition, gotta be happy with that!!LOL!


maryanne r said...

WOW lisa, looks fantastic. you are keeping you and your man busy, betweenthe lights and the pool!! well done, bet your kids love them!!not making much of an effort for christmas this year, as will all have to be packed away before we go away.
hope you have agreat christmas, and looking forward to catching up with you at the retreat.
ps. regarding the dslr have posted on a couple of forums and the canon seems to be the camera of choice.

rih2002 said...

oh hun it looks absolutely freaking awesome! what a spectacular job! wish i could see it in real! bet the girls thing its awesome! congrats on winning too!

ScrapManda said...

Very cool lights!!! Congrats on the win too! Hope it's a great prize!

:) Tiff said...

what an effort. I admire you both. I just couldnt be stuffed. I did for a couple of years put lights on the roof line (me not the hubbie) and in the end i just waited until they fell down. LOL that took over a year. I spose because we are on the farm and u cant see the lights from the mainroad i dont bother.

cant wait to catch up with you soon.

Yillup said...

I LOVE those lights! Wish I was nearby so I could come see in real life!

I have nominated you on my blog for an award - come check it out!