Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Pool

Thought I would post a few pics of how hard Peter has worked to get our pool up and running!

In total he shovelled 6 Tandem Trailer loads of sand - by hand - into the trailer, out of the trailer and levelled BY HAND! And now he has gone and got a 7th load, "Cos it's nice dirt"...................ROFL!! I think he enjoyed the physicality of it. He dug all the holes for the supporting wall by hand - bloody mad I say!! And I did help (Well, a little bit anyway)!

These pics give you an idea of what our backyard is like too. Lots of open space in this area - probably won't be used very much. Just need to get some shade sails to go over the pool - it is very protected from the wind so that is good.
We still need to organise a fence immediately around the built-up area - in the meantime the backyard is fenced and seperate from the rest of the yard. Pool is 15' and 3' deep. Plenty big enough for us. Found a really helpful business in Adelaide for advice regarding the chemicals for the pool and the spa - if you want his details, let me know.
And for those wondering, we filled the pool with rain water - we have 5 tanks on this block, not all connected to the house. And since we filled the pool, it has rained enough to refill the tanks anyway, so that was good timing (For us anyways............)! I contacted SA Water just to check the legalities and as the tanks aren't connected to the house, we are free to use it. Now that the pool is full, we can top it up from the mains without permission. So, very happy with this. Was warm enough yesterday for us all to go in it, altho Halle wasn't too impressed with the cool water - kept saying "" and pointing to the spa! LOL!
So, if you pass by this way, drop in for a swim.............or a spa if you prefer! We feel very spoilt and luxurious with our new toys and our fab house - we just love it here..................very relaxing and has a great feel to the place. All things happen for a reason, and all the stress about the other place being on the market, was all worth it!
Anyways, thanks for dropping by, say G'Day - I like to read your comments and it's good to know who's stopping by for a looksee.
Am going to do some scrapping tonight, so will actually have something crafty to show soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Wow, your pool looks GREAT and very inviting on a hot day! Your DH has done a fab job (oh and you too of course)!!
Enjoy it and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

:) Tiff said...

my goodness you have a fabulous husband. What a worker. And i bet he enjoyed the pool just as much as the kids.
congrats to you all for the hard work.

have a very merry wet christmas.


rih2002 said...

Looks awesome hun! glad to see you being spoilt and relaxing! soooo great the move has turned out - i do agree things happen for a reason, so glad it is all working out! thanks for the xmas card, the girls are sooooo gorgeous! mwah xx hope to catchya soon!

Renee said...

Ohhhh. How lovely does that water look. What a mammoth effort. Well done.

Have a very splashy christmas.


Meredith Treloar said...

Wow Lisa the pool looks fantastic!! Well done to your hubby!!

Enjoy ... and have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

lyn said...

lisa he has done such an amazing job, what an effort. looks great :) happy swimming,
belynda xo