Friday, September 25, 2009

Local Show

Time for the Annual Local Show. It's on tomorrow - same day as AFL Grand Final. There is going to be a big screen set up in the marquee...It's going to be cold, wet and windy. Oh joy!
Have submitted 65 photos for the photographic about 20 different categories I think. Not in it to win it...just to participate and contribute to keeping the show going. Will go through my scrapping today to see if I have anything that will fit in the 4 categories they have!!Here are some of my entries...


Susan said...

You have a great eye, Lisa, and such gorgeous children as subjects. I hope you do well in the comp!

sandra said...

Great shots Lisa.
Girl its about time you updated your blog!! Your blog has been at the bottom of my blog list waaay too long!! lol
Retreat not too far away, sure hope you are going?
Take care of you.