Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For those asking.............

The Marina photo from the previous post was taken in Port Lincoln - looks awesome doesn't it? We were staying in some apartments and that was the view first thing in the morning, sitting out the front having breakfast.............Was glorious, would love to live there!! LOL! Some HUGE houses there.
Camera Club was a bit disappointing - the photos from last month didn't get back from the judges in time for our meeting today, so we won't know the results until next month. I did get a first place for the locally voted category - my Muffins won first place.............Hehe, well the photo of my muffins did anyway! I thought the Big Chop photo was pretty good, and a lateral interpretation of "Food"............it's all in the interpretation isn't it? I suggested we get together for an excursion somewhere and go photo taking as a group, see what we all come up with, but no-one seemed too enthusiastic about that idea. A pretty staid group of people really, I seem to be the only person trying to make conversation and talking. ROFL, maybe that's the problem, perhaps next meeting I'll just try and shut-up!!
Had a really late night last night. Tyla is still having nightmares (for want of a better description). Last night she woke up screaming and yelling, almost hyper-ventilating. Took me about 10 minutes to calm her down - she was shivering like she'd been dropped in an ice bath. And she has no memory of it this morning. It's like she was still asleep, but she was talking (well - yelling) to me and doing things I asked her - like clapping her hands type things. Very scary, really getting worried about this, so think it is time for a trip to the Doctors. He probably won't be able to do much about it, but hopefully can point me in the right direction to work out what is going on. We've tried to eliminate anything we can think of that might be triggering it - scary kids tv shows, too many lollies, scary bedtime stories, no hypo behaviour after tea (yes, dad)!! that kind of thing, but doesn't seem to have made any difference.
Am planning to scrap now, so please don't disturb me.....................ROFL!! But leave me a message anyway, even if it's just to tell me to shut-up!LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Lovely photos !! What a beatiful shot at the Marina and the ones of the kids are great !
Sorry to hear about Tyla's nightmares. Charlie (5) was doing a similar thing last month for a few nights. He'd sit up, wide eyed in absolute fear, shaking, yelling at me to 'Get my Mum, I need help' seeing people / animals in his room ... hallucinating from 2 - 5 minutes at a time. Turns out he actually had tonsillitis so whether he was reacting from high temps or the panadol I was giving him .. not sure. My nephew at Minnipa was doing the same thing the same week as Charlie and my sister-i-l 'googled' 'Night Terrors' and they sounded very much like them. So not sure if Tyla's are similar, I hope she comes good soon.

sandra said...

Hi Lisa
great photos!
sorry to hear that Tyla still has terrors.
A friend of mine has a daughter who just came throught the same thing,... hasn't had any for a while .. hopefully just a phase..
Her daughter couldn't remember anything at all.. they didn't tell incase stress brought in on.
Hopefully she gets through it all okay.

maryanne r said...

hi lisa, I can remember when my son used to have night terrors, quite a worry, used to think something seriously wrong, but he did eventually grow out of them.
Im hoping youll be doing the e2c challenge[vintage], since you have all those old photos...good timing,

miasmummy said...

Thought it looked like the Lincoln Marina, I'm only familiar with the original part so wasn't quite sure! Mmmmm, I miss Lincoln sometimes!!!
Hope Tyla grows out of her nightmares, I can imagine they would be scary! x