Thursday, October 23, 2008


Wow - is life a bloody Rollercoaster sometimes or what?? Things have just been crazy here lately - hence the lack of real blogging, apart from the occassional pic! The house we are renting is on the market. Has been for about 3 or 4 weeks now. We don't have a lease. The landlords didn't want to renew it when our initial lease expired. Now we know why. They have told us if the house sells, we can have 60 days before we have to leave. Which was good............sortof. Problem is, we live in a small country town - population around 900 (I think) and rental properties aren't easy to find. Specially what we are looking for. So I have been totally stressed out about what we are going to do. We had plans for the girls for Xmas that we couldn't do. Didn't know if we should just wait and see what happens or look for something else - and move unnecessarily (sp)? or stay here and find we have nowhere to go if the place sells. I have been really stressed. Specially cos we are buying our house where we lived before - that was meant to stop all the worry about where we live. Anyway - on Thursday last week, found out about a house that will be empty end of October. Went and had a look - it's just what we want..........phoned the owners straight away, and was asked to call back Sunday. Now, I was trying really hard not to get my hopes up - really hard! I figured that she wouldn't have asked us to call back if the place was already rented. Called her sunday, and yep - the place had already been rented :-(( They just needed to confirm with the person if they still wanted it or not. I got really whole day was a misery. By the end of Sunday I was ready to pack up and move back to where we came from - kick our tenants out and go back to our house - even tho I don't really wanna go back. It would relieve a lot of stress - somewhere permanent to live and I have a good job waiting for me there - I'm on maternity leave from ANZ and there is no ANZ here. Monday night the owners of the house phoned us - the person who was moving in only wanted a 3month lease - that wasn't suitable for the owners, so the place is ours!!! Talk about rollercoaster! We will have a 2 year lease - rent is only a bit more than what we pay now and the house is fabulous!! Lots of space - a playroom for the girls and also a room for me..........and a fantastic outdoor area. Very happy! And OMG how good it feels to have the stress gone.........................can you hear that??? That's me laughing for the first time in I don't know how long!
Now to add to that, Peter got a Payrise today - I know it is across the board, but Peter is on above award wages so his bosses don't have to pass on the payrise - but they have, so that is fabulous. AND - today he has been offered 2 other jobs - one to go for an interview, the other is there if he wants it. He's not going to take either just now - timing isn't right, but I think he is very sad about saying no to one of them - with an Abalone Company - what he wants to do in the long run, but it would mean moving town again - starting all over again, once again! We only did that 9 months ago!! It's just amazing how things can change in less than a week. If this offer had come up a week ago, we would have said yes, no hesitation.
So, anyway!! I am now packing - how much easier to just be moving 4 blocks instead of a couple of hundred k's! Am very excited and feeling good! The best I've felt for a long time. And after Xmas, I'm going to look for a decent job here.
And now................

.............a picture of a Rollercoaster!! ROFL! Peter and my brother are right at the front.


maryanne r said...

wow lisa, you sound like u have really been STRESSING!! but congratulations on getting the new rental,and bad luck to the owners of the house going on the market.Im not sure what its like up there, but dont seem to be many houses getting sold down this way!!
pleased it all worked out in the end...and happy moving, hope it all goes smoothly.
and by the way I thought your baby LO, looked great!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear everything is sorted Lisa! It must be a huge weight off your shoulders! Have fun with the move!

miasmummy said...

Glad to hear that you have got your living situation sorted! Moving sucks, good luck with it, lucky it's not too far! xx

Anonymous said...

YAY! Glad to hear you have your housing sorted out! Would've been good for Pete's ego to have 2 job offers, and a payrise! Neato!
Have a scrappy weekend!

sandra said...

sooo glad to hear that everything sorted itself out Lisa... must of been so stressful.. not so bad when it just you and hubby, but its nice to have stability for the kids.. your new home sounds great

tracey said...

hi lisa

glad to hear your stress has eased - how lucky are you that you got the lease... bet you are doing carwheels... well maybe not them but are cheering.... have fun packing