Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Poem From Pete

Peter wrote this about 2 weeks ago and asked me to put it on the blog - ooops, forgot to do it earlier, sorry babe!!!

"My husband has abandoned me,
The kids have all left home.
Now that scrapping is my company,
Will you please just leave me alone"

Do you think he's trying to tell me something............ROFL!!!!


:) Tiff said...

hiya Lisa. geez i hope he was kidding. are u going to Lock on Sat. night. cant wait.
ps. great colour scheme on your blog. hmmm looks familiar.

miasmummy said...

That's a crack-up of a poem!!! Maybe he is trying to tell you something! x

sandra said...

awwww I think he must be feeling about lonely!
My husband tells me the same thing.. but a little less eloquently and with more colourful words! rofl!
great to see he has a great sense of humour...
if you are reading this Pete, I am sure you are very proud of your wife's creative masterpieces!
Maybe poetry could be your creative outlet!!!