Monday, October 13, 2008

Housework Fairy

For all of you who thought she didn't exist - here she is!!! ROFL! Tyla chose these clothes herself this morning (and I've given up arguing with her about what she wears)! So when she wanted to help with the mopping I certainly wasn't going to say no (even tho it took twice as long) and just had to take these photos! Had to take them quickly before she decided that she didn't want to help anymore. She mopped nearly all the lounge and the dining room - fabulous help! Oh and 10 minutes later spilt her lunch and milk all over it.......................ROFL!!!! The pink blob in the Hallway is Halle playing with the bits off the vacuum cleaner.


:) Tiff said...

quick. send Tyla the housework fairy my way. I am always a desperate housewife who rather someone else do it. Never happens tho.
great shots lisa. these will make a fun LO.
In Lock shop tomorrow (Tues).

Anonymous said...

Does she want to come visit me??? lol! How cute!

Anonymous said...

oh whoops that was me! that last comment with no name!!
Though if she is a fairy she should know where she is needed! lol