Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just Quickly.....

A couple of completed LO's.
This was done for the Sketch Challenge on the Scrapchat site - link over there>>> Didn't vary much from the sketch which is not like me at all.............quite happy with this, altho my sewing machine is giving me a hard time lately.Me as a baby - a bit difficult to see all the detail - there is a piece of Tulle under the photo, stitching around the edge of the page to "hold" everything together and pearls scattered throughout the flowers. Am waiting on some hatpins, will probably add one somewhere when they arrive. Have tried to embrace the "white space" theory, but just can't seem to get it!! LOL, I guess I'm a "more is more" kinda scrapper.

Anyway, that is 2 more completed for Mum's Album - slowly getting there. Still waiting on photos from just about everyone. If they don't get to me soon, sadly those pages won't make the album for the due date. I s'pose can be added later, but that's not the idea of this.

TFL please let me know what you think of these.


Anonymous said...

Very noice, I like! You have done a super job - sometimes more is more is good!! (gee that doesn't make a huge amount of sense!)
I guess it is up to you as to how mcuh/little you put into your Mum's book - I'm still adding pages to my Dad's and he was 50 early last year!
Love Tam

sandra said...

this is lovely Lisa
love the space.. you did really well!... I find it really hard to leave space as well :)
I thought it would be easier.. but its not!